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Porcel-Thin® Porcelain Tiles

Introducing the remarkable Porcel-Thin® - the innovative and revolutionary ultra-thin porcelain tile for walls and floors.

Produced in an unparalleled choice of colours, textures and finishes, Porcel-Thin® porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and all commercial and domestic interior and exterior projects.

Large porcelain tiles for faster coverage

Starting at just 4.8mm thick, Porcel-Thin® tiles are less than half the weight and thickness of conventional porcelain tiles. Less weight means larger tiles and Porcel-Thin®’s ultra-large 900x900mm, 1200x600mm and 1800x900mm standard tile formats allow faster coverage and fewer grout lines. These elegant porcelain tiles are extremely strong and durable and will not deform, crack or fade.  Their ultra-low water absorption allows Porcel-Thin® to actually resist dirt and stay cleaner for longer.

Tiles that are kinder to the environment

Porcel-Thin® also comes with impressive green credentials; compared to standard ceramic production, Porcel-Thin® uses 60% less mineral resources, produces 50% less carbon and other solid emissions and uses 40% less energy.  As a consequence, Porcel-Thin® can make a significant contribution to best practice in sustainable design.

Read on to discover the amazing world of Porcel-Thin®.

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Porcel-Thin® is a trading name of the FAR EASTERN EUROPEAN TRADING Co. LIMITED - Registered no. 0500475


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