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Porcel Thin Tiles

Introducing the remarkable Porcel-Thin™ - the innovative and revolutionary ultra-thin porcelain tile.

Produced in an unparalleled choice of colours, textures and finishes, Porcel-Thin™ tiles are the perfect choice for floors, walls and ceilings, internally and externally in both commercial and domestic projects.

At just 4.8mm thick, Porcel-Thin™ tiles are less than half the weight and thickness of conventional porcelain tiles.   Less weight means larger tiles and Porcel-Thin’s ultra-large 1200 x 600mm standard format allows faster coverage and fewer grout lines. These elegant tiles are extremely strong and durable and will not deform, crack or fade.  Their ultra-low water absorption allows Porcel-Thin™ to actually resist dirt and stay cleaner for longer.

Porcel-Thin™ also comes with impressive green credentials; compared to standard ceramic production, Porcel-Thin™ uses 60% less mineral resources, produces 50% less carbon and other solid emissions and uses 40% less energy.  As a consequence, Porcel-Thin™ can make a significant contribution to best practice in sustainable design.

Read on to discover the amazing world of Porcel-Thin™.

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Porcel Thin LISBON FB03 Bronze Metallic textured large format ultra thin porcelain tile - Full tile image