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PTV Tile Slip Resistance Testing

Certified, accurate pendulum slip resistance testing for ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and stone floor tiles by Porcel-Thin®

Porcel-Thin are able to offer architects, interior designers, specifiers and other industry professionals the latest in PTV testing for any type ceramic, porcelain, mosaic or natural stone floor tile. Conducted completely in house by our fully trained technicians on state of the art pendulum slip resistance testing apparatus you can now obtain precise, consistent PTV scores carried out to BS7976-2 and BS13036-4 standards.

Do your floor tiles meet UK HSE slip-resistance guidelines?

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that any floor covering to be used in a public area must have a minimum PTV slip resistance value of 36 to be regarded as 'non-slip'. Whilst this may seem clear the method by which a bathroom or kitchen or any other floor tile is tested can give ambiguous results - meaning a floor tile marked as 'non-slip' may not actually meet these minimum HSE levels.

The less accurate Ramp method produces an R rating from 1 to 13 - with a rating of R11 being deemed sufficient to determine floor tile is ‘slip-resistant'. However, the far more exact and reliable Pendulum slip resistance test now offered by Porcel Thin actually provides a much more precise measurement based on a scale of 1 to 100. Furthermore a tile rated R11 falls into a PTV range of 34-51 which means that an R11 tile rated at 34 or 35 by the PTV system would fail to meet the HSE minimum guideline of 36.

Porcel-Thin are able to certify tile slip resistance to a much higher, HSE approved standard.

Add in the fact that even small differences in materials and manufacturing methods can also affect the PTV score and it becomes apparent that there will be differences in the non-slip rating amongst differing batches of the same tile range...

Our tile slip resistance testing service

As one of the leading UK thin porcelain tile brands you can now take advantage of our independent slip resistance testing service. Computer generated test reports can be produced for individual batches of any type of ceramic, porcelain, mosaic or stone tile - providing you with an accurate and consistent PTV value to ensure that your choice of floor tile complies with UK HSE standards.

Porcel-Thin are already employing this new rigorous testing regime for our own non-slip kitchen and bathroom thin porcelain floor tile ranges.

For more information or to arrange certified pendulum slip resistance testing for any type of ceramic, porcelain, mosaic or natural stone tiles simply contact Ray Smith at Porcel-Thin on 020 7394 9468 or email

Porcel-Thin Pendulum Slip Resistance testing machine for floor tiles
Porcel-Thin Pendulum Slip Resistance testing machine for floor tiles with digital measurment and reporting
Porcel-Thin Pendulum Slip Resistance testing machine replicates the heal striking at tiled floor to measure the grip provided
Porcel-Thin example porcelain floor tile Pendulum slip resistance test report PTV