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Porcel-Thin tigerwood wood effect tiles in kitchen

2020 Design Trends and Porcelain Tile Tips That Will Transform Your Home - Wed 22 January 2020

At Porcel-Thin, we prefer to usher in the new year by looking forward, not back. In this spirit, we’ve been casting our eye around the industry for the best home and interior design trends for 2020. Our round-up takes in everything from bathroom tiling tips to the latest trends with kitchen countertops and colour schemes. Read More

wood effect large format porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Feel Cosy & Warm With Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles - Wed 11 December 2019

There’s no getting away from it. Stone effect tiles – for all their undeniable beauty – can sometimes be lacking in warmth. Indeed, it’s hard for designers to create a cosy feel in the home using a genre of tiles so overflowing with slate greys, pale marble and limestone effects. Read More

Large format tiles

The Wonder of Extra Large Porcelain Tiles - Tue 19 November 2019

When it comes to choosing tiles, every interior designer must make a decision: small or large? Smaller tiles may have done the trick until now, but if you want to make an impression in 2019, large format tiles are the way to go. Our advice is simple: the bigger the better! Read More

How to clean bathroom tiles

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles in 4 Easy Steps - Sat 19 October 2019

Every homeowner takes pride in a squeaky-clean bathroom. But how many people enjoy the laborious process of cleaning bathroom tiles? Certainly not us. The good news is that, with porcelain bathroom tiles, hard graft has become a thing of the past. Read More

2019 Homebuilding and Renovating Show ExCel London

Dreaming Big at the London Homebuilding and Renovating Show - Mon 9 September 2019

Next month we’re treating ourselves to a big day out in London. And no, we don’t mean a Thames boat cruise or a trip to Madame Tussauds – our idea of fun is showcasing Porcel-Thin’s ultra-thin porcelain tiles at the London Homebuilding and Renovating Show! Read More

Ultra-thin Onyx 3D Shadow tiles by Porcel-Thin

Why Choose 3D Shadow Onyx Tiles by Porcel-Thin? - Wed 28 August 2019

If you’re a professional designer or a lover of luxury interiors, you might have your heart set on stone effect tiles for your next project. A glossy natural stone look brings a layer of luxury to any interior – but how do you narrow down the style you want? In this article we’re going to explore one of our most popular ranges: Porcel-Thin’s Onyx stone effect tiles. We’ll look at what makes our 3D Shadow Onyx Tiles unique, as well as introduce you to some of our favourite design tips for stone effect tiles. Read More

Porcel-Thin showroom for design professionals

Explore the Wonders of Porcel-Thin Tiles in our Showroom - Wed 14 August 2019

Showcasing the complete range of Porcel-Thin porcelain tiles as well as inspiring bathroom and kitchen suites, our showroom in Bermondsey is the perfect place to start your interior design adventure. Whether you have a clear vision for your latest project or are in need of some advice and inspiration, a trip to our showroom is an invaluable step towards realising your dream domestic or commercial space. Read More

Alternative to white marble

8 Ace Alternatives to White Marble - Fri 26 July 2019

While the ancient Greeks favoured marble for its luxury look, luxe no longer has to be defined by that classic white marble look. With different colourways, patterning and finishes, the Porcel-Thin collection offers a wide and wonderful range of marble effect tiles that exceed the boundaries of classic marble. No matter the Porcel-Thin marble look tiles you plump for, you’re guaranteed a touch of glamour and delight that no other floor or wall covering can deliver. Read More

Industrial chic cover image

Cementing Warehouse-Wow With Porcel-Thin - Fri 19 July 2019

Achieving industrial chic is at the top of the list for many luxury London developers and interior designers and Porcel-Thin has the perfect solution to cement the perfect look, as it were. Our Cemento concrete-effect tiles offer warehouse-wow panache as well as the practicality needed for lasting wall and floor covers that suit both domestic and commercial settings. Want to know more, we’re going to do you a solid… Read More

Porcelain tiles used outdoors for a smart modern patio

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles for Outstanding Landscape Design - Wed 19 June 2019

How can outdoor porcelain tiles be used for practicality and panache with a professional touch? Let’s start by looking at why developers of luxury properties, experienced landscapers and clued-up homeowners alike choose our porcelain paving for their exterior designs. Then we’ll discuss how garden designers used concrete, limestone and sandstone at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show for creations that pack more punch than even the liveliest planting. Read More

Matt tiles versus polished tiles

Matt Tiles Versus Gloss Tiles - Sat 15 June 2019

No matter whether you’re revamping a restroom or paving a patio, when choosing porcelain tiles there are so many factors to consider and choices to make. What colour? What pattern or effect? What size? But one of the most crucial factors – for safety and style – is matt tiles or gloss tiles? Below we compare the two and hope to make your tile finish decision making hassle-free. Read More