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Porcelain tiles used outdoors for a smart modern patio

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles for Outstanding Landscape Design - Wed 19 June 2019

How can outdoor porcelain tiles be used for practicality and panache with a professional touch? Let’s start by looking at why developers of luxury properties, experienced landscapers and clued-up homeowners alike choose our porcelain paving for their exterior designs. Then we’ll discuss how garden designers used concrete, limestone and sandstone at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show for creations that pack more punch than even the liveliest planting. Read More

Matt tiles versus polished tiles

Matt Tiles Versus Gloss Tiles - Sat 15 June 2019

No matter whether you’re revamping a restroom or paving a patio, when choosing porcelain tiles there are so many factors to consider and choices to make. What colour? What pattern or effect? What size? But one of the most crucial factors – for safety and style – is matt tiles or gloss tiles? Below we compare the two and hope to make your tile finish decision making hassle-free. Read More

Reasons to love large format floor tiles

The Benefits of Large Floor Tiles - Fri 24 May 2019

Large porcelain tiles are big news and are fast becoming most wanted by international architects, developers and interior designers. There are myriad benefits to large floor tiles which, spanning from large grey floor tiles to large white floor tiles, are plentiful in the Porcel-Thin collection. These benefits include but are not limited to: fast coverage, fewer grout lines, giving the illusion of space and offering close comparison to natural stone without impractical limitations. Read More

Porcel-Thin non slip bathroom floor tiles

Does Porcel-Thin Offer Non-Slip Bathroom Flooring? - Fri 17 May 2019

Well, actually, there’s no such thing as non-slip flooring, only slip resistant flooring which Porcel-Thin happens to ace! Here we’ll help you understand: the concept of slip resistant flooring, how slip resistance is measured, slip resistance flooring ratings, characteristics of flooring with higher slip resistances (suitable for bathrooms); and things you can do to improve the slip resistance of a bathroom floor. You’ll soon see why when shopping for non-slip bathroom flooring our porcelain tiles should be your first port of call. Read More

A grand design with Porcel-Thin Azul marble effect porcelain tiles

Why Grand Designs Live Should Rate Our Thin Porcelain Tiles - Tue 30 April 2019

Are you attending this year’s Grand Designs Live at London EXCEL, 4-12 May? We can’t wait to show our burgeoning collection off to UK-wide architects, developers and interior designers again. And – as our thin porcelain tiles are so light, durable, large, efficient, versatile and cost-effective – we’re sure Kevin McCloud and his mates will love ‘em! Read More

Getting creative with porcelain tiles

How to Get Creative With Thin Porcelain Tiles - Mon 22 April 2019

You can do more than just tile walls and floors with our thin porcelain tiles – a lot more! Owing to their unique ultra-thin and large-format nature, Porcel-Thin tiles can be used to create everything from worktops and splashbacks to signage and dinner plates. In this article we’re going to consider some of the most creative projects that have shown Porcel-Thin tiles in a new and exciting light. Read More

Part 2 Porcel-thin guide to porcelain patio tiles

A Guide to Porcelain Patio Tiles: Part 2 - Sun 3 March 2019

Want porcelain garden tiles incorporated into your landscaping design for an outdoor oasis with wow-factor that doesn’t compromise underfoot safety? In this second part of our Guide to Porcelain Patio Tiles, we’ll provide top tips on how to measure up, install and get the most out of your outdoor porcelain tiles. Read More

Guide to porcelain patio tiles part 1

A Guide to Porcelain Patio Tiles: Part 1 - Wed 27 February 2019

Fed up with being restricted by choice to the same old patio tiles that take an age to install and then require endless maintenance to keep them clean, only to last a few years before cracking and warping? Our porcelain patio tiles could be the answer and – in this first part of our Guide to Porcelain Patio Tiles – we’re here to show you why porcelain paving is best for your project. Read More

porcelain or real marble for your home

The Benefits of Porcelain Marble Tiles Over Real Marble Tiles - Mon 18 February 2019

As an experienced and highly regarded thin porcelain tiles brand, we know only too well the merits of porcelain marble tiles over their real marble counterparts. But, do you know the benefit that porcelain marble tiles can bring to your architectural or interior design project? By the end of this article you most certainly will… Read More

Kitchen island design trends for 2019

Porcelain Tile Perfection for your Kitchen Islands - Wed 30 January 2019

Kitchen islands are hot property in the interiors world. As well as providing a stylish focal point they offer practicality and panache in equal measure. Many kitchen islands provide breakfast bar space where the family can dine, storage space to keep unsightly white goods tucked away and space for washing and preparing food. Best of all, with Porcel-Thin tiles, they can coordinate beautifully with the rest of the room or provide a standout style statement. Read More

2019 interior design trends article banner

2019 Design Trends and Porcelain Tile Top Picks for Interiors and Gardens - Sun 20 January 2019

The industry’s finest have pinpointed the following desirable design choices for 2019: tiles in darker warmer tones, floral tiles and tiles with structured finishes; quartz kitchen countertops and coordinating feature walls; characterful wood flooring and porcelain paving for the garden. It’s clear to see why Porcel-Thin’s tile collection is as popular as ever. Read More

Bathroom and showroom tile ideas

Shower Floor Tiles and Bathroom Tile Ideas to Whet Your Appetite - Sun 30 December 2018

When it comes to shower floor tiles and bathroom tiles ideas, Porcel-Thin is an Aladdin’s cave. Our popular thin porcelain tile collection isn’t just magical when it comes to exceptional style though… It offers the illusion of space for a bigger bathroom feel, slip-resistance for safer shower time and easy cutting for wondrous wet room flooring. Read More

Porcelain tiled splashback in a bathroom

Get Your Splashbacks, Get Your Splashbacks Honey - Mon 17 December 2018

Porcel-Thin tiles are ideal for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom splashbacks alike. Durable, resistant to water and temperature and large-format for uninterrupted patterning and maximum hygiene – what’s not to love about a porcelain tile splashback? Read More

Grid pattern tiled entrance hall featuring Porcel-Thin tiles

Hello Palatial Porcelain Tiled Hallway - Fri 14 December 2018

When approved Porcel-Thin tiler John Simons started tiling a bathroom in Southend, he didn’t know that a heavenly hallway project lay just around the corner. The number of Instagram likes John achieved when he shared photos of his palatial porcelain tiling project was just the tip of the iceberg, this hallway is the thing interior design dreams are made of… Read More