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A Guide to Porcelain Patio Tiles: Part 1

Fed up with being restricted by choice to the same old patio tiles that take an age to install and then require endless maintenance to keep them clean, only to last a few years before cracking and warping? Our porcelain patio tiles could be the answer and – in this first part of our Guide to Porcelain Patio Tiles – we’re here to show you why porcelain paving is best for your project.


Patio Jerusalem Bianco Alba aged finish

Porcelain patio tile pros

There are a number of reasons why porcelain garden tiles, with as much style as they have substance, stand out as the best option for outdoor spaces and why Porcel-Thin should be your go-to brand for outdoor opulence and lasting performance:

Strong – Owing to the way porcelain patio tiles are constructed (tiles are fired at very high temperature to produce a dense and hard-wearing), they’re long-lasting and hard to scratch or damage. This makes them ideal for life outdoors.

Resistant – The low-porosity of the outdoor porcelain tiles means that they’re highly resistant to water and stains, meaning they don’t need to be sealed at installation and they’re easier to keep clean. They’re also resistant to extremes of temperature, meaning they perform as well against frost as they do high heats.

Thin – Some of the thinnest porcelain tiles on the market, Porcel-Thin’s patio tiles are only 4.8mm thick and light-weight to boot. As they’re made from such a strong compound, their hardiness is not effected by being ultra-thin. Instead, it allows them to be installed over existing paving or new sub-bases and create a sleek finish.

Stylish – When you go shopping for patio tiles you’re presented with choice, but never as much as with the Porcel-Thin collection. How many places can offer you seamless style, that starts inside a property and continues to the outside space for inside-meets-outside chic? What’s more, there are 19 porcelain tile collections to tickle your fancy – each offering numerous styles, colours and patterns that mimic natural stone and wood to perfection through the power of premium digital printing – that are suitable as external tiles. Many of these offer matt or textured surfaces that provide extra slip-resistance, which is a very important consideration for porcelain garden tiles.    

Porcel-Thin Tundra grey outdoor tiles on veranda

Large – Produced in large or extra-large format, the Porcel-Thin range is as perfect for outside as it is for inside. Whatever pattern or finish you choose, your consistently sized porcelain patio tiles can be laid in such a way that the pattern goes on and on. Fewer tiles to piece together means fewer grout lines, less lining up and more seamless style. That’s not to say they’re unsuitable for smaller spaces; our porcelain tiles are so easy to cut (with the right tools and training) that they can be used to great effect in large country gardens and bijou urban gardens alike.

Extra large format porcelain tiles in urban garden patio

Stay tuned for part two of our Guide to Porcelain Patio tiles, which will reveal how you can prepare, install and maintain your patio tiles.

Guide to porcelain patio tiles part 1