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Say Hello to Approved Tiling Contractors and Goodbye to DIY Disasters

New research reveals that half of UK adults believe themselves to be DIY disasters while almost half have never dared redecorate their homes. We’re glad to say, that with the availability of our approved tiling contractors throughout the UK, you’ll never have to go down that particular renovation route alone.

A man having a DIY disaster

Emo Oil carried out a survey of 1483 homeowners and tenants and uncovered some interesting stats reported by Home UK magazine. Over 75% don’t feel able to complete basic DIY tasks, with changing a plug being the biggest stumbling block (67%) and fixing a leaking tap throwing more than half (59%). But the results for hanging wallpaper, with as 52% admitted to bowing out from pasting and hanging duties, were most fascinating and made us wonder how many would gladly tackle a bit of tiling?   

According to KBB Daily, similar research by The House & Garden Festival discovered that 46% of Brits have “never redecorated” their homes and that the living room is favoured most, followed by the kitchen, when it comes to priorities for home improvement.

Despite all the YouTube videos and How To Guides gracing the internet for all to use, the great British public isn’t all that au fait with the rights and wrongs of renovations and doesn’t seem massively motivated to modernise and mend.

This actually caused a sigh of relief among the Porcel-Thin team because, while there are some simple tasks that almost every Joe Blogs can do alone, there are most certainly specialist home improvement tasks where only professional help will do.

Professional tilers for a perfect finish 

A professional tiler applying tile adhesive

We advocate getting professional advice, especially when it comes to the installation of wall coverings such as porcelain tiles, from credible sources and skilled and experienced contractors who have proven their worth.  When it comes to selecting the right people for the job, we advise checking references and reviews, looking at project portfolios and asking people you trust for recommendations. Read more about How to Find the Best Tiling Professional for Your Project.

Porcel-Thin also offers a list of approved tiling contractors – who have fitted our ultra-thin, large-format porcelain tiles for impressive interior design projects from luxury London apartment restorations to boutique hotel revamps. As well as providing training for tilers and advice on how to cut and trim porcelain tiles, we’re proud to work with some of the finest tiling professionals in the UK, which means that you needn’t worry about whether your tiles will be lined up and stuck fast.

Contact us today to find out more about our approved tiling contractors.


Katy Lassetter

12th July 2018

Are You A DIY Disaster?