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Porcel-Thin’s Bac-Tech Beauties Have Arrived!

This June, Porcel-Thin is getting fresh with its much-awaited full antibacterial porcelain tile collection – Bac-Tech! Packed with Zinc Oxide Nano particles in the body and surface of the tile to ensure maximum antibacterial action and ideal anywhere that cleanliness is key, these hygienic honeys are revolutionary where porcelain tiles are concerned and are now available in six marvellous marble effects and three wonderful wood effects. What is more, these innovative antibacterial tiles come in a fabulous new extra-large-format for your convenience.

Rosewood effect polished antibacterial thin porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

New tiles, new size!

While you might think we are always banging on about the greatness of large-format, ultra-thin tiles have you ever stopped to think about how great they actually are? Not only do bigger, lighter tiles take less time and manpower when it comes to installation but they also create fewer grout lines. This means the overall effect is a more continuous and authentic marble pattern, whatever the size of your space, and that there are fewer gullies where grime can gather – adding to that antibacterial action.

Our new Bac-Tech tiles come is an extra special large-format size of 1400x800x6mm, providing a greater surface area than our standard large-format tiles and bring even more of those benefits outlined above. They are hugely pretty and hugely practical, worth crowing about, no?

Six marble marvels

White Arabescato 140x80cm antibacterial thin porcelain floor tiles by Porcel-Thin

Since the sculptors and architects of ancient Greece brought the Parthenon Marbles to the Acropolis of Athens, any space featuring a murmur of marble has become synonymous with wealth, luxury and power. But did you know that when you choose porcelain marble effect tiles you are signing up for all the opulence of marble and so much more? 

While natural marble is heavy to install, is prone to wear and can be difficult to maintain, marble effect porcelain tiles are ultra-thin, lightweight, hardwearing (even at extremes of temperature and moisture) and low-maintenance. What is more, whether you are channelling the Greek masters or urban-contemporary is your muse, our Bac-Tech tiles come in six sensational shades that are sure to satisfy your interior design desires: Amazingly authentic Arabescato; gorgeously gold-flecked Alabastrino; pale and interesting Galala; cool and sultry Alaska Grey; rich and regal Lavender Blue marble; and dark and soulful Grigio Alpi.

Three wonderful wood effect tiles

Modern lounge with matt finish Tigerwood effect antibacterial porcelain floor tiles by Porcel-Thin

But marble is not the only classic look that Porcel-Thin has nailed; our wood effect porcelain tiles are a design revelation. From tantalising Tigerwood with its rich caramel tones to smooth and chocolatey Teak to ravishing Rosewood with its characterful contrasting knots, our antibacterial wood effect tiles are sure to shiver your timbers.  Who says wall and floor covering cannot be sanitary and stylish too? 

Funky finish

The entire Bac-Tech antibacterial tile collection is available in a chic and shiny polished finish. However, our Arabescato marble offering is also available in a matt finish – for understated charm as well as added slip-resistance when used as a floor tile – and comes with two further finish options, hammered and linen, for added textural interest and ultimate style.

Antibacterial Arabescato marble effect thin porcelain tile with textured linen surface detail by Porcel-Thin

You too can experience the wonder of Porcel-Thin’s antibacterial tiles which are full of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles – a compound renowned for its ability to kill and control harmful bacteria such as MRSA – in your home, hospital or health club.


Ray Smith

19th June 2017

This smart modern kitchen features Lavender Blue marble effect antibacterial floor tiles by Porcel-Thin
Period interior featuring large 140x80cm antibacterial Galala marble effect floor tiles from the Porcel-Thin Bac-Tech collection
Large light and modern lounge featuring large 140x80cm thin antibacterial Alaska Grey marble effect porcelain floor tiles
Stunning modern kitchen with Grigio Alpi marble effect antibacterial porcelain tile feature wall
Modern kitchen feature cabinets covered with ultra-thin antibacterial Teak wood effect porcelain tile for a smart and hygienic look