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Backsplash Ideas to Update Your Kitchen Design

When you think of a classic kitchen backsplash, images of mosaic tiles will likely spring to mind but the Porcel-Thin team has plenty of backsplash ideas that will bring your kitchen design bang up-to-date – and there’s not an outmoded mosaic in sight.

Functionality or flair

Porcel-Thin book matched Bianco white marble effect porcelain tiles create a stunning backsplash in this modern kitchen

No longer serving simply to protect kitchen walls from splatters and sploshes, backsplashes are increasingly becoming the main focus of the contemporary kitchen. Where you might consider adding a feature wall in the bedroom or lounge for panache – or even an open-plan kitchen to help divide the larger space into distinct zones – our backsplash ideas can add interest no matter what size your kitchen. Also, whether you choose the magical marble-look or wonderful wood-effect, a kitchen backsplash made from our Bac-Tech porcelain tiles will make sure your food preparation and cooking space stays as clean as it does cool.

Mystic Grey onyx marble effect porcelain tiles used to create a feature back splash in this modern kitchen

To complement or contrast?

As mentioned above, a backsplash can be used in a similar way to a feature wall and this usually means making a style statement that packs a wow-factor punch. In most cases, this will mean choosing a backsplash that juxtaposes the main vibe of your kitchen and we offer a stunning selection of arty options, from our Shallow Carving collection that will add natural nuance to your decor to our Art Tiles to help achieve contemporary creative flair.

Our backsplash ideas don’t stop there though. You can embrace this year’s concrete crush by choosing a kitchen backsplash with an urban twist or add some glitz to a neutral colour-scheme by channelling the oh-so-now metallic trend.  How about sticking with one tile collection such as Paris and choosing a contrasting colour or finish for your backsplash, creating a low-key lush look?

Why choose a porcelain tile backsplash?

Large stone effect porcelain tiles can be used in place of stone to create a seamless kitchen backsplash

Despite offering a wide range of stunningly stylish porcelain tiles that will make fantastic splashbacks, Porcel-Thin’s main attraction is how it stands up to its competitors and other types of tile with regard to suitability. We’re pretty confident that when it comes to backsplash ideas, our porcelain tiles will be your number one choice because of these top three selling points:

Structure – Ultra-thin at only 4.8mm but still proven almost twice as tough as conventional porcelain tiles, Porcel-Thin tiles weigh less too and can be installed directly over existing kitchen wall tiles for your convenience. Their inherent strength and hardiness also means they won’t deform, crack or fade when placed on a wall above a stove that may expand and contract with heat and moisture.

Shielding – As well as being resistant to dirt and water (with an ultra-low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%), Porcel-Thin tiles are resistant to extremes of temperature including heat and fire which come in handy when placed so close to the cooker. Also, select our antibacterial tiles and you’ll benefit from unrivalled antibacterial action that’s ideal for a hygiene critical area like the kitchen.

Seamlessness – The beauty of our extra large-format tiles is that you can create a backsplash for a large kitchen in no time at all by installing just one of our big beauties. Not only will this cut-down on labour costs but it will make the kitchen backsplash free from unsightly grout lines and seamless, enhancing its overall visual impact and supporting its hygiene effectiveness .

Hyam stone effect and wood effect porcelain tiles create a striking backsplash in this large modern kitchen

Do our splashback ideas gel with yours? For more inspiration make sure you check out our Pinterest boards. You can also contact us to discuss your backsplash ideas and we’ll offer expert advice on the best porcelain tiles for the job.

Kitchen backsplash ideas using porcelain tiles