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Cementing Warehouse-Wow With Porcel-Thin

Achieving industrial chic is at the top of the list for many luxury London developers and interior designers and Porcel-Thin has the perfect solution to cement the perfect look, as it were. Our Cemento concrete-effect tiles offer warehouse-wow panache as well as the practicality needed for lasting wall and floor covers that suit both domestic and commercial settings. Want to know more, we’re going to do you a solid…

Cemento Grigio concrete effect porcelain floor tiles

As already explored in our article Affordable Decorative Concrete Flooring in an Instant, the cost of pouring, polishing and maintaining concrete can take its strain. This is where, when recreating concrete cool, Porcel-Thin’s Cemento tiles are the perfect pick.

A concrete cinch

Cemento concrete effect porcelain floor tile with light structured finish

Lightweight yet large-format and easy to install without the need for many obtrusive grout lines and pattern match-ups, Cemento concrete-look tiles are a high-quality excellent value choice. Whether you want to tile the floor and make the most of the structured finish for more confidence under foot or you’d like to cement your style statement on the walls, you can get an authentic concrete look without compromising on easy use. Cemento tiles are so thin they can even be applied over other coverings and they can be kept clean and fresh with a simple wipe down. Less faffing, more flair!

Quality from the inside out

Concrete effect porcelain tiles used for the lounge floor and patio of this modern villa

Not only are our Cemento Structured Concrete Tiles built to last with inherent sturdiness but they can be used inside and outside of properties. With a high resistance to water and heat (including high temperatures and frost) they’re ideal for a humid bathrooms and equally outside in the garden or as part of the architecture. No matter what environment you use these cool cement-look tiles in, you can be sure of lasting effectiveness and elegance.

Sophisticated shades aplenty

If you think concrete is simply “grey”, you’ve been seriously undersold the sensational shade subtleties of this sublime natural-stone alternative. Without going all 50 shades on you, there’s enough variety in the Porcel-Thin Cemento collection to cover all the contemporary bases for inside and outside the home.

Creama coloured concrete effect porcelain tiles used for a lounge floor

Classy Crema helps make for a reception area or luxury lounge that’s as welcoming and impactful as it is light and airy. Gorgeous Grigio looks just at home in a boutique bathroom as it does bordering a contemporary pool-side or cladding a modern-build. Suave and sultry Cinis is the ideal candidate for a ravishing retail space and to achieve calm kitchen kudos alike. Cemento has something for everyone and every industrial inspired interior (or exterior).

More ways to cement your style

In addition to the Cemento Structured Concrete collection, Porcel-Thin offers the Tosca Concrete Tile Collection and the Jerusalem Aged Limestone Tiles.

Tosca has all the same virtues as our other concrete-effect tiles but with a warmer palette to choose from for a more classic-meets-contemporary vibe. While designed to replicate limestone instead of concrete, our Jerusalem collection offers similar tones and textures to the Cemento collection but with a more classic natural stone effect.

We hope this has given you enough warehouse-wow wonder to inspire your next project. Remember, to ensure the best installation, you can call on our Approved Tiling Contractors. Should you have any questions about any thin porcelain tiles from our collection, please get in touch and the Porcel-Thin team will happily help. 

Industrial chic cover image