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Why the use of exterior tiles is blossoming in landscape design

Keats famously wrote, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". For many people nothing sums this up better than the pleasure of a beautiful garden. Whilst trees, shrubs and flowers can be used to create an ever changing palette of colour throughout the year landscape designers are increasingly including exterior tiles to enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces.

Stunning patio and pool featuring Gold Leaf Sandstone effect thin porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Whilst the use of stone is nothing new, ultra-thin porcelain external floor tiles, with their extensive choice of realistic natural stone and marble effects, offer a whole new range of exciting design possibilities. As an alternative to dull, concrete paving slabs external floor tiles deliver a number of benefits which are rapidly making them the 'go-to' option for those looking for a truly breathtaking garden design. Add in the fact that they can also be easily and simply used as exterior wall tiles and you can see why the practice is blossoming.

Porcelain exterior tiles: The great looking, all-weather alternative to natural stone

The single most important element of any new garden design must be authenticity - and this is where porcelain external floor tiles excel.  Renowned garden designer Amir Schlezinger has spoken of "using porcelain tiles to great effect" - especially where natural stone would have been just too chunky and heavy.  Traditionally, outside floor tiles have utilised sandstone, concrete and granite - all of which carry their own drawbacks in terms of weight, expense or vulnerability to weathering. Porcelain exterior tiles suffer none of these disadvantages, offering an incredibly strong, hardwearing, yet amazingly light and slim alternative.  Equally unaffected by the hottest sun or coldest frosts, porcelain outside floor tiles are also completely water resistant, simply shrugging off water like a Teflon duck.

However, it's the superbly realistic look of porcelain tiles that offer the most exciting possibilities for garden design ideas. Using state-of-the-art printing techniques our exterior floor and wall tiles perfectly capture both the natural beauty and texture of natural stone or cement. Our Melbourne "sands of time" range flawlessly mimics the appearance of sandstone, while the Cemento and Tosca selections are an ideal alternative to structured or decorative concrete. For those looking for subtlety and elegance the Ephesus stone effect porcelain tiles deliver the sumptuous opulence of polished stone in a diverse variety of tones.

Unlike stone or cement products porcelain exterior tiles are also easy to clean and maintain - with no special sealing required over their lifetime. This makes them the ideal choice for striking garden designs which need little or no upkeep. Even initial installation couldn't be simpler: with their thin, lightweight construction porcelain exterior floor and wall tiles are simple to cut - resulting in a lot less work, wastage and the ability to be shaped into even the trickiest spots without fuss - making them the perfect decorative wall tiles for outside .

Using exterior tiles in a range of garden design ideas

Utilising a porcelain tile that's equally at home being used internally or externally opens up huge potential for innovative ideas - in particular the concept of creating a style that runs from indoors to an outdoor space. This design idea of 'bringing the outside in' is one that's gained a lot of traction recently, especially in fostering a sense of greater space - even penetrating to professional events such as the RHS garden show.

Porcel-Thin's extensive range of exterior floor and wall tiles is just the thing to ensure that your garden design idea will truly be a thing of beauty and a joy forever...

Ephesus granite patio
Milano Sandstone tiled lounge and patio
Exterior garden walls clad in a mixture of rustic natural stone and Indian sandstone effect thin porcelain tiles
This stunning patio with inset trees is tiles with contracting Porcel-Thin thin porcelain tiles
The floor and patio of this modern home feature contrasting stone effect thin porcelain tiles that combine to bring the outside in to the home