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Porcel-Thin exterior porcelain tiles: The new skin for architecture

The British weather can be changeable at best. One day you're basking in 30 degree sunshine, the next you're dodging hailstones the size of golf balls. When considering materials for exterior applications you need something which can stand up to the very worst that the weather can throw at it, whilst still doing its job, AND looking great.

Porcel-Thin's range of attractive, hardwearing outdoor porcelain tiles is the answer, you're looking for.

A stunning modern villa with exterior Sandstone effect thin tiles to the pool and exterior patio walls

Using only the highest quality materials and a unique pressed manufacturing method, Porcel-Thin's range of exterior porcelain tiles are both exceptionally strong and dense. It is this compact structure which provides them with a high resistance to both ambient moisture and direct assault by water. Whilst ordinary porcelain tiles typically display an absorption rate of 2%-3%, Porcel-Thin's outdoor porcelain tiles absorb barely 0.5% - making them though enough to withstand even the hardest frosts.

At the other end of the spectrum our exterior porcelain tiles cope just as well with high temperatures, whilst their design won't fade even with years of exposure to direct sunlight.

It's this robust versatility which makes Porcel-Thin exterior porcelain tiles so suitable for a range of outdoor uses. Take the humble patio, for example: Bringing a sense of the outside world into your home is a growing design trend. Using Porcel-Thin porcelain patio tiles it's perfectly possible to extend a lounge or kitchen floor out through glass doors and into an external area where you can enjoy a sense of freedom and fresh air, whilst still retaining continuity of design.

Porcel-Thin: The durable and stylish alternative to natural stone

Kandla Grey stone effect porcelain tiles on the exterior of this moden home compliment the natural stone wall

Porcel-Thin's natural stone effect porcelain tiles also make a stunning way to create a unique, long-lasting swimming pool area. Able to be used both in and around the water Porcel-Thin's porcelain swimming pool tiles create a seamless and cohesive look. With a range of polished, semi-polished and matt finishes available you can easily mix and match between decorative and slip resistant swimming pool tiles for areas where style and safety are of equal importance.

Moving beyond the main building porcelain outdoor tiles also lend themselves extremely well to use on exterior stairs, paths and even garage floors. Easy to cut, yet incredibly strong and resilient our exterior porcelain tiles can easily stand up to the heaviest traffic, whilst the ultra-thin profile makes accommodating level changes far easier than with natural stone slabs. With slip resistance ratings available for all Porcel-Thin tiles its simplicity itself to find a style and finish which will not only provide sure footing but stay looking great for a lifetime.

Clad buildings with our thin porcelain tiles

Exterior of a large modern apartment building clad with Porcel-Thin Paris porcelain tiles

But why just limit yourself to what's under your feet? Porcel-Thin are also superb for use as both external wall tiles and exterior building cladding. Being ultra-thin our porcelain tile ranges are very lightweight - allowing for easy handling and very little additional loading on walls or the fabric of the building itself. The giant 180x90cm Mona Lisa and Mono exterior wall tile ranges can be fixed directly to the outside fabric of any commercial or domestic building with specialist adhesives providing a safe and secure bonding for all weathers.

Porcel-Thin porcelain tiles: Great looking exterior tiling, come rain, come shine.  Please contact us for more information about using our thin and large format porcelain tiles for patios, swimming pools or to clad exterior walls and building facades.


Milano sandstone effect thin porcelain tiles have been used to clad the exterior walls of this modern office
Roof top patio featuring Porcel-Thin light wood effect thin porcelain floor tiles
Patio of a contempoary home featuring wood effect thin porcelain wall and floor tiles
Hotel pool area and exterior walls feature Porcel-Thin wood effect large porcelain tiles
Porcel-Thin Paris thin porcelain tiles have been used to clad the exterior of this designer home
Striking modern office exterior has been clad with ultra-thin porcelain wall tiles by Porcel-Thin
The exterior walls of this stunning modern home feature Porcel-Thin Paris thin porcelain tiles