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Get Super Chic Industrial Style with Porcelain Tiles

Exuding up-to-the-minute, sophisticated style, the ‘industrial look’ wears the crown when it comes to both domestic and commercial interior design.

Industrial style tiles in a porcelain concrete effect used to create this urban style bathroom with tiled bath

While in the past features like brick walls, pipework and concrete were covered up and hidden from view, now they’re celebrated as a showcase of industrial style. We don’t all live or work in spaces that benefit from having these raw elements on show but, with carefully chosen design, the industrial look can be easy to create.

Concrete effect porcelain tiles for urban sophistication

One of the most popular elements of the industrial style is concrete. But being absorbent, it stains and scratches easily. Concrete look tiles, on the other hand, give that natural industrial effect, without the problems.

For a classic utilitarian look, our Cemento concrete effect tiles give off a cool, urban vibe. With the stunning look of decorative concrete, and the strength, durability and practicality of thin porcelain tiles, this is a truly fantastic collection that lends itself perfectly to industrial style. Fabulous in any space, colours range from the gorgeous cream tones of Crema to the dark grey drama of Cinis.

This smart architect designed home features external walls and floor tiled with Porcel-Thin concrete effect tiles

The wonderful, natural grain of the Tosca collection brings a softer concrete effect. From light grey tones, to the dark and brooding Ebony, the distinctive matt finish of these magnificent concrete look tiles adds elegance to the walls and floors of any contemporary designed space.

Stripped-back style with stone and wood effect tiles

Stone effect tiles and stripped wood floor planks effortlessly create the open and spacious look that goes hand in hand with industrial style. For a cool and contemporary appearance, stone effect tiles, like our Jerusalem Aged Limestone simply ooze urban chic. The greys of Bianco Alba and Pierre Blue are right on-trend for the industrial style, with Crepito Cream and earth-toned Griseo on point too.

A modern lounge with sandstone effect industrial style floor tiles and black framed windows

For a fabulous contemporary floor, our Pattaya collection of wood effect tiles brings warmth and wonder to industrial style. From Rice White through to Ebony tones, you can enjoy the delicate and intricate detailing of wood, with the extreme durability of an ultra-thin porcelain tile.

Large format porcelain tiles will create further expanse, with fewer grout lines for a sleek finish and airy feel. But don’t miss the opportunity to draw attention to your floor tiles and wall tiles – go bold with your grout colour for contrast and accentuation. For commercial industrial style, Bach-Tech takes antibacterial tiles to another level, with exceptional design and unrivalled hygiene.

Mix up industrial style with funky finishes and contrasting effects

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to industrial styling, so get creative! Although generally synonymous with neutral colours, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a touch of colour to your urban-inspired space.

Large modern lounge featuring industrial style black windows and concrete effect thin porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

For maximum impact, you could pair the deep, dark hues of Tosca Ebony alongside sleek, white walls. Experiment with shiny and matt finishes – our Arabescato Marble effect antibacterial tiles have a gorgeous linen finish, with the subtle veining capturing the beauty of marble. Blend stone and wood with bold metallics – and you don’t have to stop at just fixtures and fittings. Metallic effect tiles create a dramatic effect on both walls and floors. Try the burnished metal finish of the Lisbon Metallic tile collection, or the deep, shimmering Umber Oxide and Steel tones from the Province range.

This luxury bathroom features red oxide effect porcelain tiles for an industrial style

If you’re lucky enough to have exposed beams, piping or brick walls, then celebrate the epitome of an industrial styled room. Make these a central feature, leave them bare, accentuate them by colour-matching other items in the room and use stone or wood flooring to create a stunning contrast.

Whether you want to go all-out urban chic, or just add a few elements of industrial style, our range of innovative ultra-thin porcelain tiles is sure to inspire you.


Ray Smith

21st July 2017

Industrial style tiles in a modern bathroom with concrete effect finishes