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Large Format Tiles for Small Bathroom Spaces

We’ve all done it, lusted over the interior design magazines and wondered what if the bathroom were bigger, it would really pull that look off? But what if we told you everything you desire is now at your fingertips? Porcel-Thin’s large-format porcelain tiles can be used in small spaces to execute big ideas and to achieve your ideal bathroom; you just need to think outside the (small) box!

Accept awkward areas

This small and narrow bathroom features Porcel-Thin mono floor tiles with large wood effect wall tiles in the wetroom shower

Whether it’s an attic bathroom, an en-suite shower room in the eaves or an under-stairs toilet, there’s always an unconventional space that makes a property developer’s brow furrow. Don’t despair, embrace that tiny space by making awkward architecture a feature and complement it with some awesome porcelain tiles. While using large-format tiles might not be ideal for the walls of small bathrooms with sloped ceilings or windows, they’ll look fantastic as eye-catching floor tiles and help you make the very most of the quirky minimal quarters. The benefit of fewer grout lines means that large tiles used in small spaces create a more seamless and therefore more spacious look.

Subtle shades add space

Stylish small bathroom uses pale large format porcelain tiles to maximise the light and feeling of space

One of the key cheats for making a space look bigger is to stick to a pale palette that helps exude light.  White is a popular choice for small bathrooms.  Not only does it look fresh, clean and airy but it also reflects the light to give the illusion of an overall larger room. While pure white can feel too clinical for some – as well as the pared-back pales of the Paris Tiles – the Porcel-Thin collection features many stunning large-format tiles that replicate marble with strong white highlights such as Leviathan, Bac-Tech and Book Match. That doesn’t mean to say that everything should be white, you can zhoosh up a small bathroom by adding a few choice accessories – a pop of this year’s hottest colour to keep things contemporary or some classic gold and silver to make marble-effect tiles sing with operatic opulence.

Chic sheen and spring clean

Polished white marble effect tiles give make this small bathroom feel really light and luxurious

Another way to add a zing to pale palettes and make that light bounce further is to choose tiles with a polished finish. While we wouldn’t recommend choosing a polished surface for your bathroom floor, you could opt for porcelain tiles such as Mono with a gorgeous shine for the walls and pair it with a harmonizing pale tile such as our Arabescato Marble Effect Antibacterial Tile. This Bac-Tech beauty not only comes in a choice of hammered, matt or linen finish for a slip-free surface but also has the added benefit of Zinc Oxide Nano particles within the body and surface of the tile. Talking of keeping things spotless, another way to make your small bathroom seem larger is to keep clutter to a minimum by investing in some good storage for all the beauty products and paraphernalia that can make a compact space seem more claustrophobic.

See our large format beauties for yourself

This small shower room with modern luxury fittings and onyx marble effect tiles can be seen at the Porcel-Thin showroom in London

Make sure you stop by our London showroom where we’ll offer expert advice on the best porcelain tiles for your next interior design project, large all small.


Ray Smith

15th May 2018

Large tiles for small bathrooms