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Living Room Ideas To Make You Dance With Joy

Want to give your living room a renovation, refresh or re-tile? Clueless on how to style your space right for ultimate flair and functionality? Don’t make a song and dance about it, our living room ideas are Grease Lightning…

Cut a rug

Rug effect lounge floor created with Porcel-Thin Ferrara marble look porcelain tiles

Open-plan living rooms are very popular and one of the simplest and most effective living room ideas – which will add interest to your floors and zone a large room into distinct spaces – is to box step your way towards a rug. We’re not talking the woven Turkish variety; we’re talking a neat tiled space of contrasting floor tiles that create a rug-effect. Fringes are big news in the interior design world at the moment so why not channel that with your tile rug. You could use a gorgeous extra-large-format porcelain floor tile for the body of your “rug” and add smaller, more detailed tiles around the edge for a fringed look.

Flash feature

Feature lounge wall created using Porcel-Thin ART porcelain tiles

Like Jennifer Beals’ innovative moves in the 80s classic Flashdance, you can inject personality, colour and style to your lounge with a feature wall. This particular living room idea works a treat in larger spaces that need some definition and, if done with care, can make a small space seem bigger. Porcel-Thin offers a variety of thin porcelain tiles that would be ideal for creating a feature wall, from our Shallow Carving Collection to our Art Tile Collection for a real jive to our Cemento Structured Concrete for an urban twist. What A Feeling!

Seamless segway

This seamless flowing lounge floor and patio feature Porcel-Thin Jerusalem stone effect porcelain tiles

Those who want their living room to blend better with adjoining rooms – whether it’s a dining area, conservatory or playroom den – should consider foxtrotting their way towards seamless porcelain tiles. The beauty of our large-format porcelain tiles is that they mimic natural stone and have fewer grout lines to break up the pattern, presenting a smoother and smarter that look that creates the illusion of space. Carrying on one style of floor tiles and/or wall tiles into another room is also a great way to link up décor and carry a coherent interior design theme throughout your home.  

Skip, don’t slip

This modern lounge floor features Alaska Grey stone effect antibacterial porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Not all living room ideas have to be flair-focussed; we’ve got plenty of family-friendly suggestions up our sleeves. Choose our antibacterial tiles, Bac-Tech, and you can have the best of both worlds. Not only do they boast hygiene at (and to) their core, but they are available in a matt or hammered finish for a more slip-free surface. Adding tiles with a textured or patterned finish is also a great way to add extra visual interest to a room when sticking to a neutral and understated colour-scheme.

Jazz it up

Living room floor featuring rich stone effect Mystic Grey porcelain floor tiles

If you’re all about the jazz hands and would love some bold-and-brights in your living room then pick a palette and go with it. There’s no need to get Footloose though, a palette that focusses on a “hero colour” and then layers up complementary shades works really well. For those who prefer more contemporary moves, a cool black and white or gold and cream theme might be the way to go. To achieve a minimalist dream though, choose dark flooring and opt for a polished finish accompanied by simplistic white furniture.

From dance to interior design

Chequered pattern lounge floor created using light and dark toned sandstone effect porcelain tile from the Porcel-Thin Melbourne tile collection

The poet WB Yeats famously said, “How can we know the dancer from the dance?” The same analogy applies to an interior designer and their creations, which are an expression of passion and an extension of the self. We get it – that’s why we’ve come up with these happy-dance-worthy living room ideas and make porcelain tiles you will want to embrace. Check out our marvellous medley today and enjoy the show! 


Katy Lassetter

30th April 2018

Living room tile ideas