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Get to Grips with Non-slip Floor Tiles

At Porcel-Thin we take professional measures to make sure that our thin porcelain tiles are as safe as possible for your bathroom floors, kitchen floors, patios and pools. Here is our quick guide to help you get to grips with all there is to know about non-slip tiles and make a safe selection when it comes to your flooring.

Rough and tough for your health and safety  

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers detailed guidelines for the use of floor tiles in commercial kitchens and bathrooms. Should your project fall into this remit, it is worth reading the HSE flooring guidelines and consult your tile supplier or manufacturer for advice and help selecting the correct non-slip tiles.

Our porcelain tiles might be robust, standing up to damp conditions and extreme temperatures, but we acknowledge that the slip-resistance of any floor is challenged by moisture and that everyone deserves tiles and paving that offers an excellent standard of safety. Read more about porcelain tiles for a healthy family home here.

We offer the latest in PTV (pendulum Test Value) testing for porcelain tiles and all other types of floor tiles to HSE approved standard. At our London studio, skilled in-house technicians can certify individual batches of tiles using the HSE preferred pendulum slip test, which simulates the action of walking on a given surface and measures the relative slip resistance. The point at which the foot slips and breaks purchase with the tile will indicate the slip resistance rating – the higher the rating the better the grip.  For a tile, or any floor covering, to be considered suitable for use on floors by the HSE Executive it must have a minimum PTV value of 36 when dry.  Porcel-Thin publish wet and dry PTV values for all our porcelain tiles.

A thin porcelain tile undergoing PTV slip resistance testing at Porcel-Thin

Porcelain floor tiles that offer style and safety

Just as technological advancements and creative innovations have seen the footwear industry come along leaps and bounds, Porcel-Thin continues to pack a punch in the tile market. Safe and sensible no longer has to mean lacklustre – non-slip tiles can be slinky and stylish.

Porcel-Thin Calacatta book matched marble effect matt floor tiles in hallways of this luxury apartment block were chosen for their slip resistance and durability

Just consider the myriad of sensational shades and natural-look finishes that we offer, from Leviathan large-format tiles with their exquisite marble-esque beauty that make installing commercial flooring a dream to Bac-Tech antibacterial tiles that provide a maximum dose of health and safety in a foray of supremely elegant flooring effects. Select Porcel-Thin tiles with a natural or matt finish that score well on our in-house PTV test and you will never slip up with your interior design project or outdoor tiling venture! 

Leviathan 240x120cm extra large format stone effect porcelain tiles have been used for the floors of this restaurant

Thin porcelain tiles: easy to install and maintain

One advantage of choosing non-slip porcelain tiles is the easy ride when it comes to installation and maintenance. Installation is simple with the option to lay our super-thin tiles over existing coverings and our extra-large format promise less grouting and fussing.

Porcelain tiles that hate dirt and bacteria

You will not need to worry about treating your floor coverings before and after installation and the dirt-resistant nature of our thin porcelain tiles makes them a cinch to clean. When you go for our antibacterial tiles you can rest assured that, as well as keeping your tootsies on track, their being soaked to the core with Zinc Oxide nanoparticles will help keep germs at bay.

Wood effect large antibacterial porcelain floor and wall tiles by Porcel-Thin used in a private hospital

This does not mean you can rest on your laurels. Stay slip aware by keeping an eye out for any potential hazards inside and outside your home including leaks, spillages and pooling when the weather is wet. Also, consider adding non-slip mats to entryways and stair nosings to steps to keep your floor coverings neat and hazard free. 

Do you have any questions about non-slip porcelain tiles or our PTV testing service? Get in touch and we will be only too happy to help. 


Katy Lassetter

24th August 2017

Porcelain tiles with a high slip resistance should be used for floors in bathrooms and wetrooms such as this