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Porcel-Thin Cracks Commercial Interior Design

Our large-format porcelain tiles are hot-stuff as far as the commercial interior design, and exterior design, industry is concerned. Not only are they loaded with durability and usability but they offer maximum style and a luxury finish that can only bring your interior design project the extra prestige it deserves at a price you and your clients can afford. What’s more, the wafer thin nature of Porcel-Thin tiles makes them ideal for covering lightweight stud walls quickly and easily. Trust us, our thin porcelain tiles are taking the commercial interior design market by storm and they’re here to stay.

Rustic Jade and River Onyx stone effect porcelain tiles in a luxury spa reception

Functional, fabulous, affordable

When it comes to commercial interior design, the choice of wall and floor coverings depends largely on durability. We understand that developers will choose floor tiles that can withstand the potential footfall of a shopping centre or the extremes of heat pressure and moisture that a professional kitchen or public spa can expect. Style will also play a major role in the specifications but never before has luxury been so accessible.

Private hospital room tiled with light wood effect antibacterial porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Sure, every interior designer worth their salt wants to provide a luxurious finish to their project but affordability and substance over style are common stumbling blocks. But, when it comes to Porcel-Thin tiles, you can have an opulent finish that’s easy to achieve and won’t blow your entire budget.

Take the communal stairs and walls of this exclusive London apartment block, which were kitted out in our Book Match Calacatta marble porcelain tiles. Natural marble can become worn and ingrained with dirt, making it unsuitable for cladding a staircase in a high- traffic environment. But, the inherent strength and resistance to dirt of Porcel-Thin tiles, made them the ideal candidate.

This stunning marble staircase is actually clad with large book matched calacatta marble effect porcelain tiles

The same was true for our beautiful Book Match tiles when chosen by The Studio Harrods for their 2015 Sleep Set competition entry. Not only do these marble-effect tiles mimic the popular natural stone of opulence in a faultless fashion but they also come in 120x60cm slabs for the most continuous patterning and an incredibly speedy installation. Speaking of which…

Minimum time, maximum style

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to commercial projects so how would you feel if we told you that, just last month, one of our approved tiling contractors installed an impressive wall of our extra-large Leviathan tiles in less than a day?

Using our latest collection of large tiles, Gary Walsh did everything from tile prep to fixing and finishing in less than 24 hours and produced a striking wall for the Trimline Group’s boardroom. Leviathan are designed to be the same size as a sheet of plasterboard, allowing rapid coverage and requiring less grouting. Whether your next project is the fit-out of a luxury new-build or the refurbishment of a coffee house, faster coverage and a shorter project lead time means less down time and lost revenue – a winning selling point for you and your clients.

Porcel-Thin Spartan River stone effect giant porcelain tiles at Trimline in Swanley

Leviathan and other large-format tiles in the Porcel-Thin range can be used as a stone cladding alternative for commercial interiors and exteriors. This opens up an opportunity to continue a design theme from the inside out. Our large-format porcelain tiles are so strong and durable that they can be used to clad the walls or floors outside of a stylish commercial building, such as the patio of a restaurant, for maximum coherence and seamless space-making.

Talking of big beauties, maximalist interiors are big news in commercial interior design right now. In a rebellion against simple Scandi neutrals, late last year we saw a move towards bold and bright patterns and some of the biggest interior designers were starting to embrace contrasting effects.

Modern restaurant interior featuring Heart Of Art porcelain tile mural by Porcel-Thin

According to Allyson Rees, senior retail lifestyles editor at trends forecasting service WGSN, “Consumers want to express themselves and maximalism allows them to do that. In a time when everything tends to look the same on Instagram—so composed, so cookie-cutter—it’s exciting to see this trend catch on.”

What better way is there for consumers to make a stand against minimalism with some super-sized wall tiles? Our Leviathan porcelain tiles certainly have that maximalist magic and have already been utilised by a number of high-profile developers in the first half of 2018. Following a big demand for more Leviathan styles by prudent visitors to our stand at this year’s Grand Designs Live, we’re currently awaiting a surge of new extra-large-format porcelain tiles that are sure to be another sizable success.

Bare-faced beauty

That said, there’s still a lot to be said for the paired-back end of the scale and the stateside style guru hit the nail on the head when she commented: “From a consumer standpoint, the tone-on-tone look takes a lot of self-control and discipline, but the results are very sophisticated”.

Porcel-Thin agrees that simple is not always simple to master. But we’ve paved the way for commercial interior designers by manufacturing porcelain tiles of such quality and such effortlessly chic neutrals, from beautiful buffs through to graceful greys through to rich and elegant espressos. See our Paris, Mona Lisa and Mono collections for more neutral nuances and myriad monotones.

Boutique hotel lounge featuring Porcel-Thin Mono large black and white polished porcelain wall and floor tiles

The New York gallery Colony, who loves the “lighter touch”, fanned the embers of the neutrals trend last year with an exhibit combining furniture and textiles in white and beige with materials including Carrara marble. Whatever way you look at it our porcelain tiles are where it’s at!

But trendy and lavish doesn’t need to mean pricey. Natural stone is not only a bigger strain on the pocket but it’s a bigger strain on the environment – we can’t keep tapping into the earth’s resources unchecked. And while porcelain tiles do of course have to undergo a manufacturing process, Porcel-Thin tiles have a significantly lower environmental impact than standard porcelain products. When it comes to what’s hot, we believe that eco-building materials are here to stay and are becoming the products of choice for domestic and commercial consumers.

The ability for us to design and manufacture top quality porcelain tiles also means that there are a variety of colours, effects and finishes available, giving our customers far more choice for their overall interior design impact. The assistance of precise water-jet cutting and professional laying of tiles in pattern form allows interior designers and specifiers to deliver high-specification luxury projects for a much lower cost. The money and time-saving benefits don’t end there, Porcel-Thin tiles are long-lasting and low-maintenance, especially when compared with natural stone options such as marble.

Zeal for zoning

Whether in a hotel room, retail outlet or office interior, stud walls are a popular aspect of commercial interior design. Not only are they a nifty design trick that can totally transform the look and feel of a room but they’re a relatively affordable option for zoning spaces in a more permanent way. The thing is, interior designers could be missing a trick here…

Our extra-large format porcelain tiles are perfect for creating a feature wall. Porcel-Thin tiles are so thin and so lightweight that they can be installed straight over existing walls with less loadbearing on the building structure.

Beautiful hotel bathroom with white marble effect porcelain tiled feature wall behind the bath  

Another current commercial interior design movement is to blur the boundaries between home and work spaces. New York designers AvroKO say: "We're seeing a shift toward design that is more casual overall and spaces that are focused on experience rather than aesthetics. It will be much more hybridized, and we'll begin to see—and already are to some extent—hospitality and restaurant design infiltrating all different sectors, from fashion to retail, office, and beyond”.

Modern office interior with large polished onyx effect porcelain floor tiles

This need for comfort is often achieved using contrasting tactile materials and textures to create a warm and welcoming feel, which ties in nicely with the vintage-meets-urban interior design trends that Porcel-Thin predicted for 2018. Concrete-look tiles – such as Cemento, Tosca and Jerusalem – and wood-effect tiles, like Rosewood, were tagged as huge hits for the home and commercial interior design.

Polished Rosewood effect antibacterial porcelain wall tiles create a stunning feature wall in this staircase

A bonus of going down the wood flooring route with Porcel-Thin is the innovation of our large-format antibacterial porcelain tiles. With Bac-Tech’s ability to kill and control harmful bacteria, you can now achieve the comfort and security of the family home in a commercial space that’s supper-stylish and ticks all the health and safety boxes – another win, win, from Porcel-Thin!


Katy Lassetter

20th June 2018

Examples of commercial interiors featuring large thin porcelain tiles