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Porcel-Thin joins forces with premier Spanish bathroom furniture designer Fiora for SLEEP 2015

As a leading European designer of bathroom furniture, Fiora is a business that Porcel-Thin knows shares our values of exceptionally high quality and cutting edge innovation.

Based in Spain Fiora have already made a name for themselves in the pioneering use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques to produce bathroom furniture and designer shower trays. It's a concept that, with our own dedication to exquisite thin porcelain tiles we can completely understand and agree with.

A luxury hotel shower room created by Porcel-Thin featuring Fiora furniture and Marmara Equator marble effect porcelain tiles

Luxury hotel bathrooms created exclusivly for Sleep 2015

That's why we were delighted to work in concert with Fiora to produce two examples of luxury bathrooms to be displayed at the SLEEP Hotel Design Event 2015 event in London over the 24th to 25th November. Combining the very best of Fiora's designer bathroom furniture, including slim shower trays, with Porcel-Thin's trademark high quality, ultra thin porcelain tiles we are immensely pleased to have created a pair of exceptional hotel bathroom designs which showcase the superb standards of both our companies: two terrific examples of the very best in British and Spanish luxury elegance and standards!

Showcasing our latest marble effect thin porcelain tiles

Choosing carefully from our ever-growing range of thin porcelain tiles Porcel-Thin selected a some excellent examples which we felt would work to best effect with Fiora's designer bathroom furniture: The cool polished aquamarine of the Paris collection for the first bathroom and a striking combination of The Ferrara Jurassic Vein Black and 3D Shadow Marmara Equator marble effect tiles for the second hotel bathroom.

Porcel-Thin are delighted to have joined forces with a leading bathroom furniture designer to showcase the very best in both our products.

Welcome cut into a Porcel-Thin porcelain tile using a water jet for the Sleep Event 2015
Porcel-Thin created 2 luxury hotel bathrooms with Fiora for Sleep 2015
Hotel shower room with Firoa furniture and Porcel-Thin Mamara Equator and Jurrasic Vein marble porcelain tiles at Sleep 2015
Hotel shower room with Firoa furniture and Porcel-Thin Aquamarine porcelain tiles at Sleep 2015
Fiora extra flat shower tray with Porcel-Thin marble effect 120x60cm Mamara Equator thin porcelain tiles
Porcel-Thin Paris Aquamarine porcelain wall tiles in a luxury hotel shower room
Luxury hotel shower room by Porcel-Thin featuring Mamara Equator marble effect porcelain tiles