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What, Porcel-Thin worktops?

Natural materials have been a hot interiors topic for a while but, as more people begin to embrace their kitchens as precious family-time spaces and revert back to home-cooked delights, the need for worktops that shout panache while holding steadfast with practicality are top of the kitchen design wish list. The Porcel-Thin collection offers plenty of choice when it comes to worktops that look sensational and do the job. We even offer oodles that ooze opulence.

Large marble effect porcelain tiles used to create a stylish and durable kitchen work surface

Hang on a minute, don’t Porcel-Thin specialise in wall and floor tiles? Why, yes we do but our large-format porcelain tiles make for such stunning easy-install and easy-maintenance worktops, you’d be crazy not to consider us for those too!

Large format porcelain tiles to worktops

Wood effect porcelain tiles used to clad the worktops and cabinets of a stylish modern kitchen

Not only are our extra-large porcelain tiles (up to 240x120 cm in the Leviathan collection) super easy to fit – either in one seamless piece for a large kitchen island or side-by-side with minimal fuss for longer worktops – but they’re far more practical than natural marble worktops. You can say goodbye to the need for endless cutting, shaping and grouting. You can wave toodaloo to sealants, protectants and spot cleaning stains too.

Low-maintenance hygiene hit

Porcel-Thin tiles are not porous like natural marble, they’re resistant to water and dirt so there’s no risk of seepage and no need for time-consuming treatments and upkeep. They’re also hard-wearing and resistant to extremes of temperature (hot and cold), which is handy when you’re thawing out the Sunday joint or juggling hot pots and pans.

Worktop and splash back created using concrete effect porcelain tiles

We also offer the choice of large-format antibacterial tiles – which kills two kitchen desires with one stone, and a shedload of harmful bacteria too! How about an elegantly understated kitchen island kitted out in Arabescato Marble Effect Antibacterial Tile? Perhaps the sultrier and urban-chic Grigio Alpi Marble Effect Antibacterial Tile is more your style for matching worktops and splashbacks.

The look of luxury for less

You can also be sure that choosing a marble-look worktop from our Ferrara Marble Tile collection or Book Match Porcelain Tiles collection will cost a lot less – in value, time and labour – than a natural marble worktop. This means that you can have the very nice on-trend veining effect, offered by the likes of Carrara and Calacatta marble, for a fraction of the price.

Bathroom vanity unit and worktop tiled in Calacatta marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin

That’s not to say that you have to go all-out opulence with your kitchen décor, marble-look worktops look great in both traditional and contemporary settings. You can also determine how dramatic you want to be with the detail by carefully selecting a marble-effect porcelain tile for its colour and patterning. They differ substantially within and between our collections and there’s something to suit every taste.

Check out our thin porcelain tile collections for a worktop wonder look you’d like and consider floor and wall tiles to coordinate for a seamlessly stylish space.

Large porcelain tiles used for a kitchen worktop