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Get Your Splashbacks, Get Your Splashbacks Honey

Porcel-Thin tiles are ideal for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom splashbacks alike. Durable, resistant to water and temperature and large-format for uninterrupted patterning and maximum hygiene – what’s not to love about a porcelain tile splashback?

Bathroom splashback tiled with PARIS large porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Kitchen splashbacks or bathroom backsplash? Why not both?!

We think, if you’ve got big tiles why not have big ideas? And if that means fitting your home or commercial property with splashbacks (or backsplashes) galore why the fig not? We’ve written previously about Backsplash Ideas to Update Your Kitchen Design so now we’re going to look at the merits of using Porcel-Thin tiles to catch splashes anywhere you wish.

Sanitary splashbacks

Why do we use splashbacks? To shield other wall and floor coverings from splashes of water, oils and food substances in the kitchen and splashes from the sink, shower or tub in the bathroom. They help us to keep our rooms clean and help protect walls and floors, that may not be tiled with wipe-down wonders like porcelain tiles, from sticky messes and stains.

Did you know that Porcel-Thin tiles…

  • Boast an ultra-low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%?
  • Are not only durable but they’re resilient to high temperatures, which is crucial for a splashback close to cooking equipment and in overly warm bathrooms?
  • Are so thin that they can be fitted as splashbacks over existing wall coverings so they present no ridge or gap in which dirt can fester?
  • Come in an extra-large format, which means you could use one tile to cover a large area of your wall so there’s no need for grouting or cleaning the furrows between tiles?
  • Offer a specialist collection of antibacterial tiles for maximum hygiene in food preparation areas and both public and private washrooms?

Stylish splashbacks

Bright red art porcelain tiled splashback featuring tiles from the Porcel-Thin ART collection

When it comes to style, Porcel-Thin is your best bet. Perhaps you have an opulent interior design theme and you require a marble-effect bathroom splashback. Maybe you favour urbanesque décor and you’re looking for an ultra-modern kitchen splashback to complement your cooking and dining area. Luxury or understated, traditional or contemporary – porcelain tiles work and provide as much function as they do flair.

Bianco book matched marble effect porcelain tiles used to make an eye catching kitchen splashback

The Porcel-Thin collection offers everything from nice neutrals and marvellous monotones to bold artworks and detailed patterning. Then there’s the variety of natural stone effects available, sandstone to slate and limestone to onyx – and that’s besides the rich wealth of marbles. What about finishes? Perhaps you want a splashback with mirror shine to enlarge your space. Maybe you want a kitchen splashback with a structured effect to rock that warehouse vibe.

Seamless splashbacks

Large seamless marble effect kitchen splashback created using Porcel-Thin Leviathan porcelain tiles

So we’ve mentioned that our tiles come in a large-format, which means you need fewer tiles and are held to ransom by fewer grout lines in larger spaces. But have you considered what that means for the look of the tiles? One thing that Porcel-Thin does really well is to replicate stone and wood effects.

In conjunction with our cutting-edge digital printing techniques that achieve astounding results, the sheer size of each porcelain tiles means that a marble effect or wood grain look can benefit from patterning without interruption from grout lines, just as you would find in nature. There’s also far less hassle when it comes to matching up patterning between tiles. Our Book Match Tiles, in fact, take this to the next level and look incredible when used as a splashback.


With so many state-of-the-art porcelain tiles to choose from, what will you pick for your perfect kitchen splashback or bathroom backsplash?

Porcelain tiled splashback in a bathroom