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Pull a Switcheroo With a ‘Bath Out, Shower In’ Solution

We’re seeing more and more homeowners wanting to swap their tired, old bathtubs for a gleaming new shower area. Are you one of them? If so, Porcel-Thin’s range of ultra-thin porcelain tiles could make for the perfect match.

A bathroom design to replace a bath with a large shower

There are two main reasons why people choose a bath out, shower in solution for their bathroom. The first is “future-proofing” – homeowners who are approaching a retirement age, or who live with a disability or impairment, may find that a traditional bath tub is too much of an obstacle. People with mobility issues want to enjoy their daily shower without having to hurdle a bath panel.

Replacing a bath tub with a shower area is also the preferred choice of style-conscious homeowners. Nothing says “bespoke luxury” like a full wet room or made to measure walk-in shower cubicle, especially when kitted out with large, elegant porcelain tiles. Professional designers love the option of unifying a whole shower room with a single wall and floor tile, something that is more difficult to achieve in a traditional bathroom.

Filling the space with elegance

Any project that involves taking out an entire bath tub faces the same question: how to fill the space? Most British bath tubs measure 1700 to 1800mm in length, making large format tiles a far better replacement than tiles of an average size. By placing a 1800mm (or bigger) length tile horizontally along a shower, designers can cover the big expanse of empty wall in one fell swoop.

Porcel-Thin’s collection of large format, ultra-thin tiles include the epic Leviathan range (2400x1200mm) and the gorgeous wood, stone and concrete effect Mona Lisa (1800x900mm). Both tiles are ideal for fast coverage and result in fewer grout lines. What’s more, installing larger tiles is a godsend to homeowners who are looking for a speedy bathroom installation to limit their downtime. If this sounds like you, we suggest plumping for a low-profile shower tray instead of a wet room, due to the greater amount of time needed to install a proper wet room tanking system.

Wicked for wet rooms

If you want to replace your old bath with a wet room, choosing the right tiles is crucial. Again, the larger the better. Tiles with huge dimensions will help your design to have as few “interruptions” as possible. The combination of fewer grout lines and pattern continuity - such as our book match marble effect tiles – is hard to beat for a wet rooms.

Indeed, we offer a host of wet room-ready tiles in a huge range of styles, textures and colours. All tiles are tested in-house using a PVT slip resistance test, the preferred test of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). So, if you are looking to future-proof your bathroom with an easy-access wet room, rest assured that our porcelain tiles offer plenty of grip. Furthermore, these ultra-thin porcelain tiles are easy to cut and fall for the perfect wet room floor shape. This means you can easily form your wet room floor area from just one large tile, rather than juggling multiple tiles.

If you’re in need of further advice or inspiration on the best tiles for a bath out, shower in project, we’re here to help. Click here to browse our full range of luxury porcelain tiles, or get in touch with our friendly team of tile experts. If you’re in the London area, why not visit our showroom in Bermondsey to see real-life examples of shower rooms and wet rooms showcasing these remarkable tiles.

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