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Rocking Retail Displays with Porcel-Thin

When using tiles to create a retail display, their performance and practicality is as important as their overall look. As well as offering 19 collections of ultra-thin porcelain tiles to tempt contractors, specifiers, architects and interior designers, Porcel-Thin offers a number of services for commercial design and tiling professionals at its revamped London studio, where expert tilers are at hand to advise you on how to rock your tiling project.

Designer mens clothing retail outlet with Porcel-Thin tiled walls and floors in wood effect tiles

Are your tiles up to scratch?

Porcel-Thin appreciates that health and safety is a priority for many specifiers and so PTV Tile Slip Resistance Testing is a must where high-traffic retail spaces are concerned. In-house, our experienced tile-technicians offer the latest in PTV testing for porcelain tiles as well as ceramic, mosaic and natural stone floor tiles to ensure your chosen tiles are in line with the HSE ‘non-slip’ standard.

Porcel-Thin antibacterial marble effect tiles used for the walls and floors of this luxurious spa

The durability and sanitation of scratch resistant tiles is also important for hygiene critical retail displays such as those for healthcare and kitchen supplies. Tiles that are less resistant to scratches attract bacteria, which make them less hygienic, but our PI surface scratch testing will ensure that floor tiles and wall tiles meet your clients’ durability and hygiene needs.

Endless porcelain tile design possibilities

We know that specifiers and interior designers need to strike a balance between staying true to a retail client’s brand and making sure the retail display area provides a safe customer environment. Our Light Reflective Value testing service, which colour-matches Pantone shades and RAL colour IDs, is the ideal solution. Visit our London studio and our state of the art Cromocon LRV meter will give you a precise Light Reflectance Value test result to help your client’s retail display stay on-brand while complying with colour safety for public areas.  

Lavender Blue marble effect and antibacterial thin porcelain tiles 

Continuing advancements in porcelain tile manufacturing give commercial specifiers and designers access to a wider choice of strong and sustainable materials – big ticks for today’s industry. For example, marble effect porcelain tiles are more resistant to wear, require less maintenance and their manufacturing process has a far lower environmental when compared to standard porcelain products. Whereas, natural stone such as marble is more expensive, high-maintenance, more prone to wear and is not always sustainably sourced.

This combination of strength, sustainability and style explains why Porcel-Thin’s Book Match porcelain tiles were the tiles of choice for the communal area of an exclusive three-storey North London building and The Studio Harrods selected the same collection for the walls and floors of their 2015 Sleep Set competition entry. Also, 3D Shadow Onyx Tiles were used to create a luminous retail display area at a modern spa and Jerusalem Griseo Aged Limestone Porcelain Tiles created an earthy urban appeal in a kitchen supplies shop.

Jerusalem Griseo Aged Limestone Porcelain Tiles created an earthy urban appeal in a kitchen supplies shop

While Porcel-Thin tiles pip other brands to the post when it comes to hygiene, Bac-Tech wins hands down with its Zinc Oxide nanoparticles – a compound known to eradicate harmful bacteria – packed throughout the tile, from surface to core.  Available now in extra-large-format (1400x800mm) and in myriad stone and wood effect finishes, these revolutionary antibacterial tiles present further design possibilities for hygiene-critical retail outlets.

Large format, thin porcelain tiles for the retail win!

The bigger the tiles, the less time it takes for seamless fitting – which is crucial when it comes to the design and preparation of a retail display. Our 1800x900mm tiles allow retail displays to be installed quickly and smoothly with fewer grout lines for a cleaner more natural looking finish so that those shop doors can open sooner and those tills can start ringing!

Large modern shopping centre featuring white large format and thin porcelain floor tiles by Porcel-Thin

Our large thin porcelain tiles not only cost less than natural stone but they are also more lightweight. This means that the structure of the building takes less overall weight and that these tiles can be installed more easily by fewer tilers in retail spaces that are not necessarily suitable for natural stone, marble or wood tiles.

We would love to see your rocking retail displays featuring Porcel-Thin tiles. Share your photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 


Ray Smith

23rd June 2017

Exclusive bridal boutique with wood effect thin porcelain tiled floor by Porcel-Thin
Furniture store with Porcel-Thin concrete look structured porcelain floor and wall tiles
Large shopping centre tiled with plain white large porcelain floor tiles by Porcel-Thin
Wood effect white washed porcelain tiles have been used for the walls and floor of this exclusive womens clothing store
Mens clothing store with practical and hard wearing matt black thin porcelain nonslip floor tiles