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Shower Floor Tiles and Bathroom Tile Ideas to Whet Your Appetite

When it comes to shower floor tiles and bathroom tiles ideas, Porcel-Thin is an Aladdin’s cave. Our popular thin porcelain tile collection isn’t just magical when it comes to exceptional style though… It offers the illusion of space for a bigger bathroom feel, slip-resistance for safer shower time and easy cutting for wondrous wet room flooring.

Big and beautiful bathroom tile ideas

Porcel-Thin giant marble effect porcelain shower wall tiles

Our extra-large Leviathan tiles notwithstanding, the Porcel-Thin collection offers a wide range of large-format porcelain tiles in a variety of colours, effects and finishes. We find that the larger the tile, the bigger the likeness to real stone and wood effects. The large surface allows the pattern and any details, like marble veining and slate fissures and wood knots and grains, to continue naturally. The absence of untold grout lines between tiles makes the authenticity of this patterning all the more striking.

Porcel-Thin leaf pattern porcelain tiles with elegant twin bathroom sinks

The ultimate beauty of our bathroom tiles is that they can be easily installed for maximum effect. Whether you want a feature wall that wows while you bathe or a shower splashback to protect other surfaces and furnishings, our bathroom tile ideas are unlimited. Just one extra-large Porcel-Thin tile can be used to cover an area of up to 240x120cm and, should you have a smaller space to fix up, they can be simply cut and shaped to size.

Shower floor tiles with revolutionary resistance

One major concern for any family home or commercial washroom space is underfoot safety. Did you know we offer the latest in PTV testing for porcelain tiles? Our fully trained technicians use cutting-edge pendulum slip resistance testing apparatus to gauge precise PTV scores carried out to BS7976-2 and BS13036-4 standards. Want to make sure your shower floor tiles meet UK HSE slip-resistance guidelines? Make sure you choose Porcel-Thin.

Slip resistant porcelain floor tiles in a wet room shower

Slipping isn’t the only hazard we can help you with. We have plenty of bathroom tile ideas that will make your space as hygienic as it is heavenly, especially where our revolutionary antibacterial tiles are concerned. Bac-Tech not only provides protection against the likes of MRSA and MSSA but also comes in magnificent marble effects, with shades spanning nice neutrals to gorgeous grey-blues, as well as tasteful wood effects. 

Porcelain tiles: easy to cut the mustard

Single large white porcelain marble floor tile cut to fit a wet room shower floor former

Bathroom tiles ideas that look great and provide a non-slip, clean environment are all very well but how practical are they for a wet room? Very. Not only do Porcel-Thin tiles have unrivalled water-resistance and heat resistance to boot but they’re easy to cut to create a high-performance wet room floor. The ultra-thin nature of our shower floor tiles makes them ideal to fit flush for tanking. What’s more, effortless cutting and shaping is a dream for our approved Porcel-Thin tiling contractors who can easily chop the angles and contours needed for a wet room floor former.

Single large porcelain marble floor tile cut to fit a wet room shower floor former

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Ray Smith

December 30th 2018

Bathroom and showroom tile ideas