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Big is Beautiful: The Benefits of Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Historically, when it came to decorative tiling, you were faced with two choices: small and tiny. Why? Well, until modern times large format tiles were notorious for either being so heavy that they were difficult to handle or prone to cracking under their own weight. Whilst natural materials, such as marble, did present a viable alternative they were prohibitively expensive and consequently well out of the budget range of most people. Not anymore.

Persian grey large 1800x900mm stone effect porcelain tiles in a modern lounge

Today, Porcel-Thin's extensive range of large porcelain tiles is revolutionising both interior and exterior design. Utilising cutting edge production techniques and photo-realistic printing, large format ultra-thin porcelain tiles offer a range of advantages over the use of traditional tiling - even natural stone - in luxury home and commercial projects. Big is most definitely beautiful again.

High strength, low profile porcelain tiles

Due to Porcel-Thin's unique manufacturing process our large format tiles are not only thinner and lighter than conventional tiles; they are even stronger than traditionally produced porcelain tiles. At a mere 4.8 mm in thickness these high quality tiles are not only incredibly hardwearing but also very resistant to water, fire and extremes of temperature - enabling them to be used where natural stone or conventional tiling would be impractical or impossible.

Able to shrug off the very heaviest of foot traffic, the inherent thinness of our large format porcelain tiles makes them the perfect partner to underfloor heating - taking much less time and energy to heat up - and thereby providing a hardwearing, energy efficient and eco-friendly alternative to stone or wooden flooring.

In addition, their inherent lightweight construction makes them as eminently suitable for wall tiling as for use on floors - allowing their use without any undue excess loading on walls and even ceilings.

The improved design possibilities of large porcelain tiles

It's not just the practical benefits of Porcel-Thin's large porcelain tiles that set them apart.

Our range of exquisitely designed thin porcelain tiles demonstrates a hyper-realistic look that makes it difficult to differentiate between natural materials and our modern alternative. With everything from sandstone, granite and delicate Italian marble-effects in a spectrum of colours through to even a convincing wood appearance, large format porcelain tiles offer a host of design possibilities. Not least of which is the benefit of continuous patterns eliminating the need for time-consuming matching considerations - In fact, Porcel-Thin's specially designed range of marble-effect Book Match tiles makes this even easier.

Classic Triumph motor bike pictured on classic Calacatta book match marble look large 1200x600mm thin porcelain tiles

However, the physical dimensions of our large format porcelain tiles can also be used to create a feeling of space and openness within an area. In conjunction with careful use of both colour and design the larger size porcelain tiles lend the appearance of a more continuous swathe of material - with fewer grouting lines to break up the illusion of a wider space. The use of large porcelain tiles also reinforces the appearance of sizeable slabs of stone, wood or marble, with the realistic feel of the natural materials but without the attendant drawbacks.

Less work, less maintenance, less cost

All of Porcel-Thin's large format porcelain tile collections are also significantly easier when it comes to both initial installation and maintenance. Easy to handle and manoeuvre our porcelain tiles can be easily and quickly cut to the exact dimensions required - resulting in much less wastage. Porcel-Thin even provides a simple video guide on its website, as well as running regular training courses to help professionals make the best use of our ultra-Thin tiles.

As mentioned above, using larger tiles also means less grouting is required. This not only helps the aesthetic look of the finished design but, as grout is prone to discolouration and deterioration over time, also significantly reduces the possibility of water leaks in showers, bathrooms, wet rooms and pools.

Finally, unlike natural materials our ultra-hardwearing porcelain tiles are both extremely easy to clean, do not stain and don't require any regular sealing.

Large format porcelain tile sizes

Porcel-Thin's large porcelain tiles are available in a range of sizes: From the 1800 mm x 900 mm x 5.5 mm thickness of the extra large Mona Lisa, Mono and 3D Shadow collections to the standard 1200 mm x 600 mm x 4.8 mm thickness. The latter can be supplied in a 600 mm x 600 mm size whilst the extra large are also available in a smaller, 900 mm x 900 mm format.

Despite what we've been told, it seems size does matter after all...

Statuario white marble effect large 120x60cm thin porcelain tiles create a striking effect on this kitchen floor
Porcel-Thin managing director Ray Smith pictured with giant 180x90cm porcelain tiles from the Mona Lisa collection
This lovely modern lounge features contrasting sandstone effect large 120x60cm floor tiles from the Melbourne collection
Beautiful white marble effect porcelain tiles in large 120x60cm format feature in this stunning bathroom
This trendy restaurant interior features large 180x90cm black Nero Portoro marble effect porcelain floor tiles