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The Benefits of Porcelain Marble Tiles Over Real Marble Tiles

As an experienced and highly regarded thin porcelain tiles brand, we know only too well the merits of porcelain marble tiles over their real marble counterparts. But, do you know the benefit that porcelain marble tiles can bring to your architectural or interior design project? By the end of this article you most certainly will…

Calacatta Antique Bookmatch marble bedroom

What are porcelain marble tiles?

A porcelain marble tile is a thin yet strong and durable tile that’s expertly manmade from clay to look like natural marble stone. Porcelain marble tiles are made by following a few simple steps, outlined below:

  1. Blend & crush – Raw ingredients (such as clays, feldspar or flint, and silica) are combined with water and grinding beads in an industrial mixer to get the desired fine powder consistency for creating porcelain.
  2. Dry & strengthen – Some water must be removed before the tile can be formed into a durable porcelain tile.
  3. Form & solidify – A template is used to press the mix at extreme pressure of more than 5,000 per square inch to solidify and strengthen further.
  4. Dry & strengthen – More water is evaporated to reduce the chance of cracks at freezing temperatures.
  5. Print & glaze – While some tiles are painted and then glazed, Porcel-Thin’s porcelain marble tiles are finished with an authentic digitally printed marble pattern.
  6. Bake & finish – The porcelain tile is baked at 2,650 degrees Fahrenheit (1,454 degrees Celsius). This not only sets in glaze or other finishing agents but removes any final traces of water for a tile with maximum strength and durability.


Marble V porcelain tiles: the benefits

Excellent resistance – Unlike real marble tiles, porcelain marble tiles have excellent water-resistance and opposition to stains (think spilt hair dye in the bathroom or tomato sauce in the kitchen/diner). Formed from fine, tightly packed clay powders, Porcel-Thin’s porcelain tiles are dense with a very low water absorption rate (less than 0.5%) that helps them to resist dirt and discolouration. Also, porcelain marble tiles are low-maintenance and don’t require sealing. Unlike porous real marble, which, if not regularly sealed, will absorb water and dirt and become tired looking and unhygienic with time.

Water resistant porcelain marble tiles in wetroom

Strong and durable Innately absorbent, marble is a fairly soft and brittle stone that requires careful handling so that it doesn’t scratch or chip. This means that marble tiles and slabs (such as those used for cladding) tend to be quite thick (around 20mm) and are therefore much heavier than Porcel-Thin porcelain marble tiles (4.8mm-6mm, depending on the range and tile size). Porcelain marble tiles can weigh as much as 60% less than real marble tiles – despite being strong and durable – and are easier to handle and install with greatly reduced structural load. Our porcelain marble tiles also score highly on the PEI Tile Scratch Resistance Testing scale for maximum surface appearance and effectiveness.

Quality choiceThe high quality digital printing method used to create our porcelain marble tiles allows for a wide choice of colours (including Pantone & RAL colour-matching), patterns and very detailed replication of the natural stone. With Porcel-Thin marble tiles, there’s a high frequency of pattern variation to avoid duplication and enhance the appearance. Also, Porcel-Thin offers book-matched marble porcelain tiles whose luxurious look is popular for fabulous feature walls, stunning splashbacks, beautifully bespoke bathrooms and large open-plan spaces in opulent developments.

Porcel-Thin Onyx marble effect porcelain tile

Large formats –The strength of Porcel-Thin’s porcelain marble tiles, that’s twice as strong as a standard porcelain tile, means that they can be successfully made in very large formats. With Porcel-Thin sizes ranging from 120x60cm to 240x120cm, this further enhances the illusion of a large slab of marble by allowing a more seamless, continuously patterned finish, with fewer unsightly grout lines. What’s more, with thinner tiles to store and lighter tiles for tiling contractors to carry and walls and floors to bear, Porcel-Thin’s marble porcelain tiles are a dream to work with.

Calacatta Borghini marble effect porcelain bathroom tiles

Inside and outside – Porcelain marble tiles can be used for floors inside and outside the home.  Where natural marble floor tiles are too soft and not suited to high-wear areas, porcelain tiles are perfect for floors as they’re durable and scratch-resistant. in addition to the popular polished finish that most resembles magnificent real marble, our porcelain marble floor tiles are available in mat or textured finishes for added slip-resistance safety and peace of mind. You can even use marble porcelain tiles for your patio, exterior walls and landscaping features or in and around your swimming pool – which would all be a big no-no for porous, high-maintenance real marble.

Porcel-Thin Tundra grey large format tiles on patio

Cost savings – Porcelain marble tiles present great value when they’re compared to real marble tiles or cladding. With cost savings of up to 50%, they’re also faster and cheaper to install; less time and manpower for installation, means less money spent on your project. What’s more, our porcelain tiles don’t require special sealants, expensive adhesives or stone cleaners that are crucial on a regular basis to extend the life of more delicate and porous materials.

Marble V porcelain tiles: the result

Marble porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin can do everything that real marble can do but they’re:

  • More water-resistant and stain-resistant for a neater, more hygienic space
  • Stronger and more durable while being ultra-thin
  • An option that brings a wealth of colour, pattern and finish choices
  • Available in extra-large formats for more seamless installation
  • Can be used inside and outside the home, for continuous style throughout
  • Will save you money, with regard to materials and installation


Check out the various styles, colours, patterns and size formats of marble porcelain tiles available from our collections today.


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