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Will You Go The Wabi-sabi Way?

Nope, it’s not that blow-the-roof-of-your-mouth-off green paste you get with your sushi, wabi-sabi is a Buddhist philosophy that’s sweeping the nation and could help you feel a lot more Zen about your interior design – to borrow one Japanese school of thought to illustrate another! What’s all this got to do with porcelain tiles? You’re about to find out…

An example of the Japanese Wabi-sabi school of thought

As reported in House Beautiful magazine, wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept that, “can help you create a happier home and feel more content, rather than always wishing for more”.  Hygge is used by the Danes to acknowledge that feeling of cosy charm and leads us to think of sheepskin throws and pale wood-effect tiles while wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty in the imperfect – like the natural characteristics that make stone effect tiles so pleasing and comforting.

Monalisa Persian Grey stone effect porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin used for a modern restaurant

Embrace the imperfection of natural porcelain tiles  

While much of the time we seek perfection – and that’s why the seamlessness of our extra large-format Leviathan tiles with continuous patterns and limited grout lines appeal to many – wabi-sabi is about appreciating all that’s authentic and modest. It’s about being happy with your lot.

Porcel-Thin Nebula stone effect porcelain floor tiles from the Leviathan collection

Originating from Buddhists’ esteem for the crockery and utensils of all different shapes, sizes and finishes that grace their sacred tea ceremonies, wabi-sabi loves fascinating flaws – like the veins in marble or the knots in wood grain. And while you’ll be hard pushed to find a crack in our incredibly strong and hard-wearing porcelain tiles, you’ll find plenty of beautiful natural charm in our stone-effect and wood-effect tiles.

Just take our Agate Rubane marble effect porcelain tiles with deep white and gold detailing, the irregular swirls and contours are very wabi-sabi. How about our Bianco Alba Aged Limestone Porcelain Tiles with their fine granular and tonal variations and that aged finish for maximum authenticity and wabi-sabiness? Then there’s our Rosewood Effect Antibacterial Tiles with more gnarly knots for natural nuance than an ancient arboretum.

Beautiful surface detail of Agate Rubane marble effect porcelain tile by Porcel-Thin

Eco-friendly Porcel-Thin: So wabi-sabi

In all seriousness, wabi-sabi is the perfect antidote to the throwaway society with which we’ve all become far too accustomed. There’s too much want and waste. Porcel-Thin tiles, as well as being manufactured using a process that has a significantly lower environmental impact than that of standard porcelain tiles, are so classic in style and long-lasting that they’re bang-on for a wabi-sabi interior design dream.

Discover how wabi-sabi Porcel-Thin is by browsing our entire collection here.


Katy Lassetter

26th March 2018

The wabi-sabi way