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Go for Total Transformation with Gorgeous Grey Marble Tiles

Interior designers, developers and architects have been shouting from the rafters about the gorgeousness of grey marble tiles for a number of years now but the appeal of the grey tile is far from over…

Large format grey marble effect tiles in open plan kitchen

Our talented porcelain tile designers keep thinking up ways to breathe new life into interior design favourites and the glory of grey marble tiles is a fine example. Urban-chic might be where it’s at in 2019 but who says you can’t enrich the warehouse-wow with some grey greatness? 

Setting forth sterling style

Porcel-Thin’s pleased to welcome some snazzy new tiles to its ever-growing collection and they’re a sterling choice indeed. Silver Onyx Marble Effect Tiles are the latest offering in our Ferrara Marble Effect Tiles range and they’re stuffed with stunning style.

Large format Porcel-thin grey marble wall tiles

They offer a realistic silver marble tile look as they’re created using cutting-edge printing technology for ultimate authenticity and awe-inspiring results. Mark us, they’re a natural choice for the most on-trend and palatial places.

Sensual swirls of striking silver meet undulating clouds of glorious grey to give Porcel-Thin another amazing addition to its arsenal of gorgeous grey tiles. The patterning is big, bold and beautiful and – like all our large-format statement tiles – will make for a fantastic feature wall, kitchen splashback or even elevate luxurious flooring in a laid-back lounge.

The very intricacies of the veining add depth to the design and the polished surface finish brings panache that really sets off that opulent onyx sparkle.

Why are grey marble effect tiles a great choice?

Porcel-thin grey marble effect tiles in restaurant

Very versatile – Grey marble effect tiles are a decorator’s dream. Not only can they be used alongside soft pastel shades in small serene spaces but they can also be used for a lovely touch of luxury in a large area. And to equal effect to complement monotone and chrome accessories in more contemporary corners. You name it, our grey and silver marble tiles can meet the design challenge.

Add a sliver of space – Like white porcelain tiles that add luminosity and reflection, grey marble effect tiles can work wonders in a small space. Illuminated mirrors and complementary marble grey worktops or splashbacks help to extend the theme as well as the perceived size of space.  

Emanate elegance – While grey can seem quite a cool and almost corporate choice at first, remember with grey marble tiles you’re getting lashings of luxe too. Add a few gold fixtures and fittings or jewel-toned soft furnishings and you can take grey marble tiles from cool to cornucopia.

Highlight with white – Not keen on going full-on grey with your décor? Why not accent grey marble tiles by using white grout. As Porcel-Thin tiles are extra-large, fewer grout lines are needed so your bright white underscore will provide the ultimate understated touch while picking out the finer details of any lighter veining.

The price is rightGrey marble effect bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles are preferable to the natural stone alternative. Not only is real marble more expensive but it requires more maintenance too, making it costly with regard to time and money. Likewise, onyx is an expensive choice so innovations like our Silver Onyx Marble Effect Tiles are just the ticket for maximum impact with minimum outlay.

What grey marble tile style does Porcel-Thin deliver?

Thunder Grey Marble TileAlso from the Ferrara range, with more of a cement-grey look and very fine marble patterning, this mid-grey marble effect porcelain tile will bring understated grace to residential and commercial spaces alike.

Silk Silver Marble TilePolished to perfection for a sultry silky finish, these silver marble tiles compare to the Silver Onyx Marble Effect Tiles from the same range with regard to their rich highlights but give an overall darker effect.

Onyx Bianco Porcelain Large Tiles – Whereas the new Silver Onyx Marble Effect Tiles measure in at 120x60 cm, these leviathan lovelies give sizeable wow-factor at 240x120cm. Leaning more towards the blue side of grey, the detailing is more intricate on this onyx offering.

Tundra Grey Porcelain Large TilesWith more extra-large majesty, The Leviathan collection’s Tundra Grey marble effect porcelain tile features highlights and lowlights to its markings for a foggy yet fabulous effect. 

Marmara Equator OnyxThere’s more linear patterning to these grey onyx effect tiles. Available as 180x90cm or 90x90cm thin porcelain tiles, a more neutral brown/grey palette offers natural warmth to luxurious spaces.

Mystic Grey OnyxIntriguing deep green/grey tones with contrasting cool white and rusty red striations make this 3D Shadow Onyx Tile a fantastic choice for classic meets contemporary styling.

Statuario Onyx – Beautifully blousy cloud-clusters give these onyx tiles one foot in the more traditional grey marble effect tile camp. They make stunning light-reflecting floor tiles that open up a space with pure opulence.  

Venus Grey Light Onyx – With striking striations that are more slate-like, this gorgeous soft grey tile offers subtle sophistication

Venus Grey Dark OnyxGoing with the same groove as its lighter cousin, this dark grey onyx effect tile, created using 3D digital printing technology for subtle depth and staggeringly realistic natural Onyx stone reproduction, is a serious contender for modish magnificence.

Going for gold-standard with grey marble tiles

We hope that this more thorough look at the gorgeous grey marble effect tiles and outstanding onyx effect tiles in the Porcel-Thin collection has given you food for thought. We’re always striving to extend our thin porcelain tile collection with offerings that our customers want so if there are any grey marble effect tiles, or other porcelain tile colours and styles, you’d like to see please get in touch and let us know.

Gorgeous grey marble effect tiles by Porcel-thin