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Why Are Large Format Porcelain Tiles a Big Deal?

Does size matter? Risqué jokes aside, when it comes to interior design size can be of great advantage. A large-format porcelain tile – and we offer some of the best and biggest on the market – provides continuous patterning and a seamless finish for the most convincing stone or wood effect. We’ve got plenty of big ideas to inspire your next project…

How big is big?

River onyx golden marble effect porcelain tiles in a modern office

The Porcel-Thin collection has always offered something a little bit different: ultra-thin porcelain tiles in a large format. Until the introduction of our extra-large format Leviathan collection, our biggest porcelain tiles (Mona Lisa, 3D Shadow Onyx Tiles, Mono) measured 180x90 cm with 100x100cm (Jerusalem Aged Limestone), 140x80cm (Bac-Tech) and 120x60cm (Paris, Book Match, Ferrara Marble, Shallow Carving, Pattaya Wood Effect, Tosca Concrete, Lisbon Metallic, Art Tiles, Florence Volcanic Ash, Province Metallic Ash, Melbourne Sandstone and Cemento Structured Concrete) taking second, third and fourth place.

Lounge featuring extra large format grey marble effect poircelain tiles

Leviathan, a large and lovely selection of giant porcelain tiles in myriad marble-effect finishes spanning white Calacatta marble to grey/blue via gentle earthy neutralism, measures in at a whopping 240x120cm – double the size of the majority of the Porcel-Thin range!

The bigger the better?

Here’s the skinny on these big beauties…

  • Seamless – Current interior design trends favour large, open-plan spaces such as kitchen-diners and kitchens that transcend seamlessly to outside spaces. Large porcelain tiles are perfect for creating both in a stylish way that helps the design theme continue on rather than seem segmented and disordered.
  • Space-giving – Large porcelain tiles can help you achieve the illusion of space, even in the smallest rooms. Not just great for making larger rooms appear seamless, larger tiles in a tiny en suite bathroom or pokey pantry can trick the eye. More continuously flowing patterns and fewer grout lines give a small room gravitas.
  • Authentic – Though the 3D printing technology we use to produce the patterned finish to our thin porcelain tiles is first-class, the scope for a more continuous and natural-looking pattern uninterrupted by grout lines is wholly realistic. Also, larger wood-effect tiles allow for more of a lifelike plank look.
  • Easy-install, easy maintenance – Ultra-thin and light-weight as our tiles are, you might need help from another tiler at installation as they’re too large for one person to lift. But, the installation process (which reduces cutting, shaping and grouting time) is a whole lot quicker compared to that of regular porcelain tiles. Resistant to water, extremes of temperature and dirt (with fewer grout lines to get grimy) – as well as boasting an innate hardiness and longevity – Porcel-Thin tiles don’t require a lot of upkeep either.


Big interior design ideas…

Luxury bathroom featuring Emperador earth toned extra large marble effect porcelain tiles

Make sure you browse the Porcel-Thin collection to see what patterns, colours and finishes we offer across our range of large-format and extra-large-format porcelain tiles. No matter whether you’re a developer of luxury properties in London or a tiler who’s striving for innovation, we’ve got something to suit every taste and eventuality.  


Katy Lassetter

16th October 2018

Big tiles article cover image showing blue marble tile