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Why Choose 3D Shadow Onyx Tiles by Porcel-Thin?

If you’re a professional designer or a lover of luxury interiors, you might have your heart set on stone effect tiles for your next project. A glossy natural stone look brings a layer of luxury to any interior – but how do you narrow down the style you want? In this article we’re going to explore one of our most popular ranges: Porcel-Thin’s Onyx stone effect tiles. We’ll look at what makes our 3D Shadow Onyx Tiles unique, as well as introduce you to some of our favourite design tips for stone effect tiles.

What makes our Onyx tiles different?

 Mystic Grey Onyx marble effect porcelain tiled kitchen splashback

There are a few crucial differences between our ultra-thin 3D Shadow tiles and similar products on the market. First and foremost, our stone effect porcelain tiles are incredibly thin – only 5.5mm in thickness – whilst being twice as strong as standard porcelain tiles as verified by independent tests. Not only that, but the 3D Shadow tiles boast huge dimensions: 1800mm by 900mm. Among the benefits of this vast size are faster coverage when installing the tiles, and fewer grout lines to distract the eye. This seamless effect lends itself perfectly to large kitchen splashbacks, feature walls, and more.

Furthermore, our high-quality digital printing technology enhances the natural stone look of the tile, so that the Onyx effect is replicated with perfect likeness. Pesky pattern repetition is avoided in two ways: first, there’s plenty of variation within the same tile ranges (unlike cheaper tiles where only 3-4 patterns are used); and second, the sheer size of the tiles means you’re very unlikely to end up with the same patterns close to each other.

Emperador Onyx stone affect tile used in washbasin stand

Another advantage to our ultra-thin 3D Shadow tiles is their compatibility with electric underfloor heating. Due to the high density of the tiles – the result of being hydraulically pressed in the manufacturing stage – the bathroom floor will heat up quickly and retain heat for much longer than standard porcelain tiles.


Our best 3D Shadow Onyx Tiles

At Porcel-Thin we’ve created more than a dozen ultra-thin Onyx stone effect porcelain tiles. One of our favourites is Emperador Onyx, a rich, earthy-brown tile that features prominently in our new showroom display. Our designers got creative with the Emperador tile and used it to make a stunning washbasin stand (above), with the tile’s deep polished surface adding to the luxury feel.

Marmara Equator is another beautiful style from our Onyx stone effect tiles range, ideal for designers seeking a brighter, more pale look. With subtle textures running across the entire length of the tile, designers can achieve an “endless” look to walls and floors. A great example is this open-plan kitchen, which deploys Marmara Equator to cover a huge floor area with barely any interruptions or grout lines.

Mamarra Equator and Mistic Grey marbel effect tiles in a kitchen

For more information about our luxury Onyx stone effect porcelain tiles – indeed any Porcel-Thin tiles – get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team of product experts. Alternatively, you can visit us in our recently-revamped showroom in Bermondsey to explore our huge range of tile samples and interior displays.

Ultra-thin Onyx 3D Shadow tiles by Porcel-Thin