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Why Choose Porcel-Thin® Tiles?

Selecting Porcel-Thin® for your project instantly delivers all the advantages that come with ultra-thin lightweight porcelain tile technology. The uncompromising and stunning combination of weight, size, strength and style come together to make Porcel-Thin® the first choice for all interior and exterior projects.

12 reasons to choose Porcel-Thin® porcelain tiles

  1. At just 4.8mm, Porcel-Thin® is less than half the thickness of standard 13mm porcelain tiles.
  2. Ultra-thin means less material making Porcel-Thin® less than half the weight of conventional 13mm porcelain tiles.
  3. The reduced weight of Porcel-Thin® enables extra-large format 1200 x 600mm tiles that can be handled by one person. 
  4. The Porcel-Thin® 1200 x 600mm standard format gives faster coverage and fewer grout lines saving in time and materials.
  5. Porcel-Thin® can be applied directly over existing tiles, reducing the time and costs of removal and making good.
  6. Porcel-Thin® comes in an unparalleled choice of colours, textures and finishes.
  7. Porcel-Thin® is easy to cut using conventional tiling tools.
  8. Ultra-low water absorption of below 0.5% is significantly better than the industry standard of 2-3%, which helps Porcel-Thin® resist dirt and stay cleaner for longer.
  9. Independent tests confirm that Porcel-Thin® is nearly twice as strong as conventional, full thickness porcelain tiles and is resistant to water, frost, fire and heat.
  10. Ultra-thin Porcel-Thin® will not deform, crack or fade and can be used on floors, walls and ceilings in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  11. Lightweight Porcel-Thin® tiles reduce the overall loading in building construction.
  12. The Porcel-Thin® manufacturing process has a significantly lower environmental impact than standard porcelain products.
Porcel-Thin tiles are only 4.8mm thick which is less than half the thickness of a standard porcelain tile