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Porcel-Thin ultra thin and large format stone effect porcelain tiles in a modern designer bathroom

Ultra-Thin Porcelain Tile Collections by Porcel-Thin®

Porcel-Thin® large format and ultra-thin porcelain tiles are produced in a selection of stunning designs that range from elegant minimalist to breath-taking bold eccentricity. Our creative combinations of colour and finishes combine with textures to make Porcel-Thin® the perfect choice for walls and floors.

From the sophisticated simplicity of our Mono Collection to the infinite options provided by the Art Collection, Porcel-Thin® has fabulous design solutions for every style and mood. Explore the elegant wood grain patterns of our Pattaya Collection, the shimmering metallic Lisbon Collection and the perfectly replicated natural stone of our Ferrara Collection.

Follow the links below to discover the exquisite Porcel-Thin® Collections and choose the perfect tiles for your project.


Leviathan 240x120cm Large Tiles

Slate Effect Tiles

Jerusalem Aged Limestone Tiles

Mona Lisa 180x90cm Large Porcelain Tiles

Paris Tile Collection

Book Match Porcelain Tile Collection

Ferrara Marble Effect Tiles

3D Shadow Onyx Tiles

Shallow Carving Tile Collection

Pattaya Wood Effect Tile Collection

Tosca Concrete Tile Collection

Lisbon Metallic Tile Collection

Art Tile Collection

Florence Volcanic Ash Collection

Province Metallic Tile Collection

Melbourne Sandstone Tile Collection

Mono 1800x900mm Tile Collection

Cemento Structured Concrete Tiles

Bac-Tech Antibacterial Tiles