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Tile Collections - Ephesus Stone Tile Collection

Full tile image of a Porcel Thin EPHESUS Style SL4 TOBACCO ultra-thin large format 1200 x 600mm granite effect porcelain tile
Porcel Thin EPHESUS large format 1200 x 600mm ultra-thin granite effect porcelain tile STYLE SL4 TOBACCO
This beautiful warm toned floor has been tiled with large format and ultra-thin 1200x600mm TOBACCO style SL4 granite effect porcelain tiles from the EPHESUS collection by PORCEL-THIN
A patio featuring PORCEL-THIN 1200x600mm TOBACCO granite effect ultra-thin porcelain tiles from the EPHESUS collection
This large lounge features a tiled floor with contrasting TOBACCO and AFRICAN DREAM GOLD granite effect tiles from the EPHESUS collection by Porcel-Thin


Tobacco granite effect large format 120x60cm thin porcelain tile for walls and floors

  • A stunningly realistic digitally printed reproduction of rich Tobacco natural granite combined with the strength and durability of a high quality porcelain tile
  • Available in polished and matt finishes
  • Extra-large 120x60cm standard tile format means faster coverage and fewer grout lines
  • Suitable for walls and floor and interior and exterior applications
  • Porcel-thin Ephesus granite effect porcelain tiles measure only 4.8mm in thickness but are nearly twice as strong as a conventional porcelain tile according to independent tests
  • Ephesus porcelain tiles are kinder to the environment requiring 60% mineral resources to manufacture and are less than half the weight of a conventional porcelain tile
  • Porcel-Thin Ephesus thin porcelain tiles will not crack, deform or fade and are suitable for both interior and exterior applications


Product Details

Product Code: SL4

Finish: Matt finish

Thickness: 4.8mm

Size: 1200 x 600mm

Product Code: PSL4

Finish: Polished finish

Thickness: 4.8mm

Size: 1200 x 600mm