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Tile Collections - Bac-Tech Antibacterial Tiles

Grigio Alpi marble effect 140x80cm antibacterial thin porcelain tile
Surface detail image of a Grigio Alpi marble effect 140x80cm antibacterial thin porcelain tile by Porcel-Thin
Tiled feature wall in a contemporary kitchen created using Porcel-Thin Bac-Tech Grigio Alpi marble effect antibacterial porcelain tiles

Grigio Alpi Marble Effect Antibacterial Tile

Dark Grigio Alpi marble effect antibacterial 140x80cm porcelain tiles for walls and floors

  • Highly detailed reproduction of dark toned Grigio Alpi marble with a polished surface finish
  • Porcel-Thin antibacterial porcelain tiles contain Zinc Oxide Nano particles within the body and surface of the tile which ensures that the antibacterial properties cannot be compromised by damage to the tile surface.
  • Suitable for all domestic and commercial interior and exterior walls and floors
  • Porcel-Thin Bac-Tech tiles combine style and safety and are particularly suited to hygiene critical environments including hospitals, surgeries, clinics, schools, restaurants, bars and health clubs
  • Choose from a variety of marble and wood effect porcelain tile styles, all with antibacterial properties
  • Large 1400x800cm standard tile format allows faster coverage and reduces grout lines
  • Porcel-Thin antibacterial tiles measure only 6mm in thickness but are nearly twice as strong as standard porcelain tiles according to independent tests


Please note Bac-Tech antibacterial porcelain tiles are special order only



Product Details

Product Code: PR05

Finish: Polished

Thickness: 6mm

Size: 1400x800mm