Luxury apartments in Henley featuring Porcel-Thin Paris ultra-thin porcelain wall tiles in Cream with leaf pattern

Many exciting and diverse new trends in bathroom and interior design are emerging in 2015. We take a look at the most up-to-date furniture, fixtures, fittings and gadgets for this year.

3D engraved leaf pattern porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Creative features

The coming months will see creative, inspirational ideas in bathroom design. Embracing technology, we’ll welcome the most state-of-the-art products and contemporary concepts.

Showering experiences will be like no other, as ‘smart-phone’ showers feature prominently, with digital remote control for everything from water flow to temperature and shower head lighting. Mood setting will be available at your fingertips with colour-changing taps, and infrared sensors allow flow and temperature control.

Waterproof white and coloured LED lighting brings atmosphere and serenity to any bathroom, and will feature on walls, floors and cabinets. Underfloor heating continues its rise to an essential, rather than an indulgence, as consumers seek solutions for creating a sanctuary for relaxation, rather than just a washroom.

Even toilets are being revolutionised with the introduction of high-tech ‘smart toilets’ – the epitome of luxury, with washing and warm-air drying functions.

Environmentally friendly

At the forefront of modern design is sustainability. Water-saving taps, toilets and showers will lead the way, as consumers’ concern for the environment is ever important, as will low-energy LED lighting.


Large luxurious bathroom with freestanding bath and frameless shower enclosureTime and space constraints have seen a decline in baths featuring heavily in contemporary bathroom designs. So, we’ll see more lavish shower ideas, with luxury enclosures and frameless walk-ins. Although, when it comes to the ultimate in extravagant bathroom tranquillity, the freestanding bath still reigns in 2015.

Innovative furniture solutions

Function is the key when it comes to furniture design this year, but with no compromise on style. Inventive creations will offer practical solutions, with charm and elegance. Technology will focus heavily here too, with cabinet speakers, blue tooth and touch-sensitive lighting.

Clear glass will be replaced with chic smoked, glass art and tinted alternatives, while high-gloss and mirrored finishes will also be overtaken by magnificent skin and tone textures. Sink and vanity unit combinations will continue to feature, as will twin sinks, particularly in family bathrooms and large, luxury en-suites.

Our stunning range of ultra-thin porcelain floor and wall tiles can help you create the bathroom design you dream of in 2015. Contact us to find out more.