What Are the Hot Interior Design Trends For 2016?

Luxury lounge overlooking the ocean with sandstone effect tiles

This year, tiles are set to make a big impact when it comes to interior design. From the kitchen to the bathroom, we’ll see statement-making tiles nestled among beautiful nature-inspired effects; bold metallic colours sitting alongside pale, earthy tones; and patterns bringing interest and personality to floors and walls alike.

Nature’s beauty

Nature will continue to be a prominent influence in 2016 – from textures to colours, ‘bringing the outside in’ is a key theme in interior design trends this year.

Luxury lounge overlooking the ocean with sandstone effect tiles

Wood and wood-effect porcelain tiles will be hugely popular. In today’s fast-moving world, wood offers a wonderful sense of wellbeing, bringing warmth to any room. Natural stone and natural stone-effect porcelain tiles will also feature heavily in nature-inspired designs everywhere.

To truly combine outside and in, we’ll see floor tiles running from inside the house seamlessly to an outside living area.

Key colours

Again, nature will be a big influence. Although grey is set to be the colour palette of 2016, for both walls and floors, with grey porcelain tiles continuing to be a particularly popular choice.

Luna Grey Porcelain Marble Tiles

Richer colours of midnight blue, indigo, dark purple and rouge are also on the rise, particularly for bathrooms. Matte, nude and neutral hues will be the perfect match for darker greys, to introduce contrasting elements.

Metallic colours are evolving this year, with soft, warm rose gold, brass and copper. For cutting-edge style and a touch of glamour, golds are THE colours to have in the home in 2016.

Dramatic colour and pigment combinations are a big emerging trend. We’ll see black glossy tiles working perfectly with rich tones, while fresh, timeless white tiles will still be a major choice for many.

Styles, textures and finishes

Extra-large format porcelain tiles will continue to be a prominent interior design must-have. No longer reserved for accompanying luxurious bathroom suites, we’ll see large-format tiles adorning the floors and walls of every room in the house, as well as outside areas.

Spactacular modern apartment with Porcel-Thin Mono tiles

Brass, gold and metallic finishes are becoming increasingly sought after, with a combination of metals being particularly on trend. Silver, platinum, stainless and brushed steel will all be popular.

Marble and marble-effect tiles are predicted to be bigger than ever this year, adding a new twist to the universal outdoors/indoors trend. Polished stone will be used everywhere from work surfaces to walls and floors.

We’ll see textures being used to shake things up a bit – sitting alongside clean, sleek lines, textured-surface tiles will be big for adding interest and flavour.

Contrasting is key

2016 is said to be the year of experimenting. Mixing materials has been a big trend in interiors in recent months and we’ll see that interplay of finishes featuring strongly in both bathrooms and kitchens.

Combining the rougher textures of stone-effect tiles with the glimmer of warm metallic, or simple wood paired with marble, designs will move away from the traditional idea of ‘matching’ and contrast will be key.

Injecting personality to the home

Statement-making porcelain tiles will feature prominently – anything from high gloss to bold colours, patterns, designs and prints.

Customisation will be massive. As consumers increasingly look for bespoke design solutions, customised tiles will be the ultimate way to inject personality into the home. We’ll see everything from holiday snaps and favourite art pieces, to children’s drawings and poignant inscriptions adorning the walls of every room in the house, bringing the perfect personal touch.

Last year we saw experimentation with creative patterns and texture, and this trend looks to grow stronger in 2016. Book matched tiles will become progressively popular for a stunning natural patterned effect.

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