2020 Design Trends and Porcelain Tile Tips That Will Transform Your Home

Bac Tech Tigerwood large format porcelain floor tiles

At Porcel-Thin, we prefer to usher in the new year by looking forward, not back. In this spirit, we’ve been casting our eye around the industry for the best home and interior design trends for 2020. Our round-up takes in everything from bathroom tiling tips to the latest trends with kitchen countertops and colour schemes.

Bac Tech Tigerwood large format porcelain floor tiles

Wood Is On the March

If there’s one texture or material that’s grabbing attention this year, it’s wood. Both natural wood and wood-effect interiors are tipped to be huge in 2020, continuing a steady revival over the past couple of years.

Nowhere is the wood trend more pronounced than in kitchens. Research by the design network Houzz found that 41% of homeowners want a wood slab or butcher block as their new countertop or kitchen island. Not only that, but more people are plumping for medium-tone wood kitchen islands as a classy contrast to the cabinets – a respectable 11%, the same as black.

Wood panelled kitchen with Porcel-Thin porcelain wood effect tiles

Ultra-thin porcelain tiles make for ideal for countertops and kitchen islands. Our Bac Tech wood effect porcelain tiles include rosewood, teak and tigerwood effects, each printed with stunning pattern that is impossible to tell apart from real wood. Even better, the antibacterial qualities of these tiles ensure a higher level of hygiene than standard porcelain tiles, and are remarkably easy to wipe down.

Big on Book matching

As we explored last month, book match tiles are tipped to be among the biggest design trends this year. This is no surprise, as many designers and homeowners are moving away from minimalism and toward bold and ambitious looks – and there’s no finer display of ambition than epic marble book matching.

Calacatta Antique marble effect book match tiles

Extra large porcelain book match tiles are especially popular right now. The first reason is cost – it is much less expensive than real marble. Another advantage is its light weight, making it far easier to install. Best of all, advances in digital printing mean you can replicate the exact look and feel of marble using porcelain tiles. Both our Calacatta Antique and Bianco book matched tiles come in a huge 1200x600mm size, allowing for faster coverage and hardly any grout lines.

Bold Colours are In

As we mentioned earlier, minimalism is on the way out. Book match tiles are just the start – 2020 will see bolder, brighter and more experimental colour schemes and patterns in the home.

Millennial Pink, which briefly burst onto the scene a few years ago, is back in vogue. Likewise, bold combinations such as bright mint with soft coral – or indeed anything paired with pink – are being embraced. In the kitchen, designers are building on the recent popularity of two-tone colours by upping the ante to three-tone. Having that extra colour makes it easier to define “zones” in your kitchen.

Artistic Facial Makeup tile from Porcel-Thin Art collection

Another major tile trend for 2020 is the use of “themed” colours and backdrops that create a sense of time and place. IKEA UK’s four spring trends include Rural Retreat and Vintage Havana, a bold Cuban colour palate that aims to bring a slice of Caribbean exotica to the British bathroom. Likewise, Porcel-Thin’s Art tile collection is a veritable “around the world in 80 days” journey. Styles range from the peaceful Mediterranean waters of Cosy Harbour to the Far East theatre patterns of Artistic Facial Makeup.

Make a Statement with Your Shower

Walk in shower with Porcel-Thin ultra thin porcelain tiles

For 2020, designers are seeking to make a big impression with wet rooms and walk-in shower areas. Feature walls are a chance to be bold, from book matching to mosaic tiles. Extra large tiles are being used more and more in shower areas to make an impact, especially marble and natural stone tiles. At 2400×1200, just one of Porcel-Thin’s Leviathan tiles could serve as a feature wall in its own right!

If you’ve been inspired by these interior design trends for 2020, Porcel-Thin can help bring your vision to life. Explore our enormous range of ultra-thin porcelain tiles, covering every style from big and bold to modest and monochrome. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team for any questions about Porcel-Thin tiles or interior design in general.