5 Reasons To Choose Porcel-Thin Tiles for Your Wetroom or Shower

Wetroom floor tiled with rich brown Emperador marble effect porcelain tiles

Few design choices are as reliably popular as a fully tiled shower area or wetroom. But picking the right tiles can be tricky.


Bookmatched Calacatta Antique marble effect procelain tiles used to create this stunning wetroom


The good news is that, with Porcel-Thin, our tiles are ideally suited to all kinds of bathroom spaces. From luscious marble to earthy natural stone, our ultra-thin porcelain tiles do justice to the wettest areas in domestic and commercial buildings.

What makes our shower-friendly porcelain tiles worth the investment? Here’s five compelling reasons to plump for Porcel-Thin…

  1. 100+ styles to choose from

We strive for both quality and quantity. Porcel-Thin’s tile range boasts an abundance of choice: 113 unique tiles across fifteen collections. We offer all the styles you could wish for a shower area or wetroom, including marble, natural stone, wood, metal, and concrete effects.


Examples of Porcel-Thin tiles


For a luxury marble-look shower area, take your pick from our range of 46 marble-effect porcelain tiles. Highlights include a classic Carrara tile, which we used to great effect in a recent bathroom design. For maximum indulgence, try the smouldering Agate Rubane or black-and-gold Nero Portoro tile.

If you’re keen on a sauna-style wetroom, try our wood grain effect porcelain tiles for an iconic “Scandi” look. Not only do these tiles perfectly replicate the textures of timber, but they come without the drawbacks of real timber (water + wood panels = high maintenance). Alternatively, our concrete effect tiles collection makes it easy to create a cool industrial-look shower area.


  1. Extra-large sizes

 Almost all our ultra-thin porcelain tiles come in extra-large formats. The biggest, the Leviathan collection, clocks in at an astonishing 2400x1200mm – and still only 6mm in thickness! The secret lies in our innovative production methods, which allow us to produce gargantuan sized tiles that are up to twice as strong as standard porcelain tiles.

Larger tiles also mean faster coverage. This way, designers can quickly cover a shower area with fewer tiles and less disruption to patterns. Porcel-Thin’s extra-large book match marble tiles are ideal for creating a shower feature wall, or even a full end-to-end wetroom pattern, with just a few tiles.


Stunning wetroom shower with Emperador marble tiled feature wall


Another bonus is the comparative lack of grout lines when larger tiles are installed. Fewer grout lines mean less dirt and mould – a helpful bonus in any bathroom. Large formats also result in fewer lines and interruptions, allowing your chosen textures and patterns to do all the talking. Such seamlessness helps add to the illusion of natural stone or marble as recreated in our amazing digital printing methods.


  1. Easy to install, cut, and shape

In many wetroom or shower room project, tiles must be cut to suit drainage and water flow. Fortunately, our extra-large and ultra-thin tiles are easy to cut, shape, and drill using only standard tiling tools. All this despite being twice as tough as traditional porcelain tiles, according to independent tests.

Take this marble-effect wetroom project in London. The installers were able to create a drainage fall by simply cutting a single Calacatta marble effect tile. Furthermore, it is easy to create mitred corners with our thin porcelain tiles, negating the need for ugly tile trims.


Pattern matched carrara marble wetroom floor by Protilers featuring Porcel-Thin tiles


As well as having huge dimensions, Porcel-Thin tiles are also remarkable lightweight. This means they can be easily carried and manoeuvred on site, despite their size. It’s another advantage over real marble and natural stone tiles, which are far heavier and more difficult to install.


  1. Robust and waterproof

Despite their light weight, Porcel-Thin tiles are extremely robust. This is thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, which can produce tiles with an unusually high density. As well as toughness, high density also means a better water-absorption rate. Our tiles absorb rate is less than 0.5%, compared to an industry standard of 2-3%.

Just look at how many of our tiles were used by a new spa and wellness centre in Romford. The owners used limestone, concrete, and marble-effect tiles throughout the whole space, including a swimming pool and showering area.


Luxury spa featuring large porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin



  1. Safety-first design

 Wet spaces such as bathrooms call for grippy, non-slip tiles. Fortunately, all Porcel-Thin tiles are thoroughly tested for slip resistance, using the professional PTV slip resistance test. This makes selecting suitable floor tiles easy, giving peace of mind to retail customers, designers and tiling contractors.


Wetroom floor tiled with rich brown Emperador marble effect porcelain tiles


What’s more, we offer a special anti-bacterial tiles range to help manage germs and bacteria. Each one of our “Bac Tech” tiles is infused with Zinc oxide nano particles that kill 99% of bacteria on contact. In the era of COVID-19, we hardly need emphasise the advantage of such tiles in public areas such as hotels, resorts, gyms, and swimming pools.


If you’d like to get up close and personal with our luxury porcelain tiles, come visit our socially distanced showroom in South London. Our tile experts will help you pick out the most suitable tiles for your bathroom, wetroom, or shower room project. Alternatively, feel free to contact us via phone or email with any questions about our tiles or services.