While the ancient Greeks favoured marble for its luxury look, luxe no longer has to be defined by that classic white marble look. With different colourways, patterning and finishes, the Porcel-Thin collection offers a wide and wonderful range of marble effect tiles that exceed the boundaries of classic marble. No matter the Porcel-Thin marble look tiles you plump for, you’re guaranteed a touch of glamour and delight that no other floor or wall covering can deliver.

Silver grey marble effect porcelain tiles with black French style vanity unit

We’ve covered previously the Difference Between Carrara Marble and Calacatta Marble – two of the most commonly desired marble effects. We’ve also discussed the many merits of marble-effect tiles over natural marble: resistance to heat and water, light-weight strength, affordability, variety of choice and suitability for a wide range of applications.

Now, it’s time for us to show you the sensational substitutes for white marble that the ever-growing and ever-popular Porcel-Thin porcelain tiles collection holds. Are you strapped in? It’s going to be an eye-opening, interior-inspiring, white-knuckle ride (other colours are available)!

Earthy elect

There’s no reason why marble tiles need to be limited to flat white when there’s so much colour in natural rock formations to inspire our interior design visions.

The Porcel-Thin marble-effect tile collection of course offers white wonders including Calacatta marble, which has its own virtues. But while white marble gives that crisp, fresh-linen-feel to a bathroom or kitchen to promote an air of cleanliness and tranquillity, there’s a lot to be said for marble’s earthy cousins.

Leviathan 240x120cm Thunder Grey marble effect porcelain tile

Whether you want sandy Crema for elegant yet easy-care walls in an open-plan kitchen, Mocha Light for a sensational splashback or worktop, Tundra Grey for awesome architecture or paving or Thunder Black to make a contemporary living space sing, we’ve got you covered. Earthy colours are notoriously warm and welcoming, meaning they’ll add a hospitable touch to the home or commercial setting. What’s more, earthy neutrals area dream to blend – meaning, whether you want an urban-touch or classic calm, our marble effect tiles will fit the bill.

Colour command

The Porcel-Thin collection also offers myriad neutral tones that radiate luxe for an ultra-opulent feel without going down that stark white road, from golden sunset and champagne to silk silver and diamond-like glacier ice.

Azul large 240x120cm blue marble porcelain tile by Porcel-Thin

Our marble effect tiles don’t just hang close to the glitz-earthy palette though, with colour pops including bold blue accompanied by pretty pink highlights (Azul Porcelain Large Tiles). The azure allure of this blue beauty would suit a luxury bar or spa decked with wood and a palatial living space alike.

Sparkle splash

For the ultimate style statement, go for a marble-effect tile that’s got a splash of sparkle. Our Mona Lisa Nero Portoro Marble thin porcelain tiles, gorgeous gold veining detail on perfectly polished black, were used to elegant effect in Stadhampton’s Crazy Bear Hotel.

Black Nero Portoro marble effect floor tiles by Porcel-Thin

The luxury tiles give the luxury boutique hotel, sporting 23 individually decorated rooms for that extra special experience, the perfect base to their fabulous freestanding copper bath and sumptuous shower room. Here, the gold here coordinates beautifully with jewel tones, metallic finishes and plush furnishings. But, for overall opulence, you could add glitzy tiles to your otherwise more moderately decorated bathroom walls for a subtler gleam.

Agate Rubane Porcelain Large Tiles with gold marble pattern

A quartz replica but with echoes of marble patterning, our Agate Rubane Porcelain Large Tiles offer a similar sparkle splash. A combination of silver and white with gilded golden detailing to replicate the ravishing ripples of agate, these leviathan lovelies offer seamless shimmering coverage and look amazing as feature flooring or a feature wall. They really shine when backlit to emphasise their resplendent shade and shape variants.

Over to onyx

Again not strictly marble, onyx effect tiles with their gently undulating patterning are a popular and similar alternative style that sits nicely within our collection. Because marble and onyx contain the same mineral content (calcite), onyx is regarded as marble’s little sister.

Emperador Onyx chocolate marble effect porcelain floor tiles

Examples of onyx effect tiles that have the look of marble – because they’ve been expertly digitally printed for authenticity – include those from the 3D Shadow Onyx Tiles collection as well as the extra-large and extra-luxe Onyx Bianco Porcelain Large Tiles and the perfectly polished Silver Onyx Marble Effect Tiles.

Like our marble effect tiles, onyx look tiles are a wonderful money-saving and time-saving alternative to the real deal. Porcel-Thin’s ultra-thin onyx effect tiles are easier to install and maintain than true onyx but they still look sensational. What’s more, our extra-large formats allow for a natural slab look with continuous patterning for even more awe-inspiring authenticity.

Pattern pop

Aside from the traditionally perceived marble veining of sweeping lines and striations, designs among the Porcel-Thin collection offer differing markings for interest and a more accurate representation of natural stone. For the perfect marble effect that suits your space and style, you’ll find everything from stripes and strokes to rings and waves among our thin porcelain tiles.

Bathroom wash stand created using Emperador marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin


While they boast a white base, there’s nothing standard about our Book Match Porcelain Tile Collection. With book-matched patterning so the marbling has a mirrored effect – see the soft grey feathering of our Calacatta Marble Book Match Tiles, stunning intricacies of our Bianco Marble Book Match Tiles and authentically aged effect of our Calacatta Antique Marble Book Match Tiles – there’s much more than white marble here!

Nature nurture

Have you ever thought that the continuous undulating patterns seen in some marble and onyx tiles remind you of patterns seen elsewhere in nature? Organic patterning is repeated throughout the natural world and it’s this familiarity and beauty that we like so much and wish to incorporate throughout interior design.

Silver Onyx marble effect 240x120cm porcelain tiles in a modern lounge

Wood vein marble, as seen in our Silver Onyx Marble Effect Tiles and Onyx Bianco Porcelain Large Tiles, is so called for its likeness to the ring grain of cut trees – isn’t it lovely? Then there’s the water-splash patterning of our Spartan River Porcelain Large Tiles, which we think adds a sense of drama to a space.

Wonder walls

As highlighted here, there are numerous ace alternatives to white marble in the Porcel-Thin collection. Namely, marble effect tiles of differing shades and patterning as well as onyx effect tiles with that marvellous marble styling. There are also myriad uses for marble look tiles in both domestic and commercial settings, inside and out, that add a touch of luxe to the overall design.

While any of our large-format tiles are suitable for flooring, and you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable tiles for safety underfoot when taking advantage of our in-house PTV Tile Slip Resistance Testing service, the marble offerings come into their own when showcased on the wall. Like works of art with a nod to the bounty of beauty found in the Parthenon and alike, a feature wall created using marble effect tiles will add a wow-factor to your project the ancient Greeks would have been proud to claim.