Why Porcel-Thin®?

Reasons to Choose Porcel-Thin® Tiles

Porcel-Thin delivers all the advantages of ultra-thin, lightweight porcelain tile technology. With a unique combination of weight, size, strength and style, our tiles are unmatched for their attractiveness and durability. If your next project calls for a stylish, cost-effective alternative to marble, natural stone or wood, look no further than Porcel-Thin.

Ultra-thin, ultra-light

Starting at just 4.8mm, Porcel-Thin is less than half the thickness and weight of standard porcelain tiles. This is due to the extremely high density of each tile, which allows for extra-large tile sizes up to 2400x1200mm. Even our largest tiles are remarkably lightweight, thin, and tough.

A thin porcelain tile by Porcel-Thin
Porcel-Thin Hyam cream toned sandstone effect porcelain tiles used for a roof top hotel pool

Built to last

Unlike natural stone, our ultra-thin tiles are impervious to breakage, scratches and fading. Independent tests show that Porcel-Thin makes light work of water, frost, fire and heat, and performs well in busy interiors and exteriors. The water-absorption rate of 0.5% is far better than the industry standard of 2-3%.

Kinder to the environment

Porcel-Thin uses far less material than standard tiles. This ensures a thinner, lighter, and more robust product. It also makes for a lower environmental impact when compared to standard thin porcelain tiles. Our manufacturing process uses up to 40% less energy, 50% less carbon emissions and 60% fewer mineral resources.

Porcel-Thin 60 percent less eco image
Professional tiler installing large format thin porcelain tiles

Easy to install

Porcel-Thin tiles are easier to install, offering faster coverage while saving on materials. Our Extra-large tiles up to 1200x600mm are light enough to be handled by one just person and easy to cut with conventional tools. Porcel-Thin can also be applied directly over existing tiles, reducing time and costs for removal.

Beautifully designed

Our collection has an unbeatable choice of colours, textures and finishes. With digital printing technology, we re-create the exact look of real marble, stone, wood, and metal. No matter what vision you have for your project – marble effect, industrial, rustic or minimalist – Porcel-Thin has the perfect style to match.

Luxury hotel bathroom with bespoke porcelain marble tiled vanity unit