Antibacterial Tiles Good Enough to Eat (Off)

Our antibacterial tiles are so clean you can eat your dinner off them

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fun when it comes to dining out. While forty years ago the idea of being served chicken in a basket was considered daringly novel, modern eateries are increasingly using novel methods to showcase their food. In restaurants and gastropubs, plates are being replaced by everything from slates to stainless steel dog bowls.

However, when it comes to a stylish, practical and hygienic alternative for presenting culinary delights Porcel-Thin’s range of Antibacterial tiles is rapidly becoming the dish of the day…

Why use porcelain tiles to replace your plates?

A wood effect antibacterial Porcel-Thin tile being used as a dinner plate

You’d be forgiven for assuming that the natural place for antibacterial tiles would be on either the floor or the walls, but using our ultra-thin porcelain tiles as a quirky extension of your restaurant’s interior design makes excellent sense.

Bacteria fighting thin porcelain tiles

Porcel-Thin’s range of antibacterial tiles is unique in that they possess bacterial controlling nanoparticles, not just as a thin coating, but throughout their whole structure. This means that unlike traditional antibacterial floor and wall tiles they retain their germ fighting properties even after extensive wearing – a fact that makes them ideal for use in kitchen design. Consequently, while slate, stone and especially wooden serving platters require both careful handling and washing our bacteria resistant tiles are an inherently clean way to serve food to your customers.

Huge selection of styles and finishes

With our antibacterial tiles available in a dizzying array of colours and finishes there’s sure to be an option which matches perfectly with your restaurant design or the look of your signature dishes. Already prominently featured at the prestigious international Restaurant Design show, held at London’s ExCel exhibition centre in September, these industry leading porcelain floor and wall tiles are already causing quite a stir.

Gemoetric pattern antibacterial porcelain tiles used as plates and place mats in a smart restaurant

Variable versatility!

Porcel-Thin’s range of elegant antibacterial tiles isn’t just a great extension of restaurant design – there’s a host of hospitality and even home applications which make our porcelain tiles a terrific style statement. The fun and functional use of our hygienic tiles in exclusive bars, bistros, cafes and hotel eateries is sure to add an element of eclectic design quirkiness to any dining experience.

A practical alternative

Porcel-Thin’s unique antibacterial tiles are not only thinner and lighter than conventional ceramic and stone, they are also incredibly strong and hardwearing. Less than 5 mm thick our hygienic wall and floor tiles are produced to resist the very worst that man and nature can throw at them – from extremes of temperature, water resistance and impact to the very heaviest of foot traffic – so you can see why they would cheerfully shrug off a little thing like being put in a dishwasher! In addition, their flat profile makes them ideal for easy, space-saving storage while not in use.

Food served in a boutique restaurant on thin antibacterial porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

While not everyone appreciates the modern trend of unusual serving methods there’s still an appetite out there for a little bit of gastro-theatricality. In a recent interview for The Guardian newspaper executive chef, Seth Levine, quipped “It’s fun to upgrade dishes a bit. I ate in a restaurant the other night where something was served to me on burning wood and I thought it was incredible.

We quite agree.