Blue Is The Colour For On-Trend Tiling in 2021

Pierre blue limestone effect porcelain tiled lounge floor

It’s the colour of clear skies and azure seas. But could blue tiles have deeper benefits besides their attractive looks? Psychologists seem to think so. Studies have observed that blue spaces promote calmness and serenity, as well as improving mental health.



If you ask us, blue is the ideal colour for setting a chilled-out tone in a domestic or commercial space. This feel-good factor may explain why, after a tumultuous 2020, blue tiles are proving increasingly popular among homeowners and designers. Indeed, blue has now officially overtaken grey as the most popular tile colour on Instagram.

Here at Porcel-Thin, we’ve certainly noticed a surge in interest in our blue ultra-thin porcelain tiles, from baby blue to azul marble. With the blue wave picking up pace in the interior design world, what better time to profile our most popular blue beauties?


Baby Blue Plain Tile


Kitchen cabinets clad with Baby Blue thin porcelain tiles


Part of the 1200x600mm Paris collection, our three baby colours launched at the start of 2020 to great fanfare. The baby blue tile has proven a runaway hit, with client after client praising its soft pastel tones and matt surface finish. It’s possibly the brightest tile in our whole collection – the matt glaze technology bounces off light in all directions, making the space appear brighter.


Pierre Blue Aged Limestone Effect Tile


Pierre blue limestone effect porcelain tiled floor


Thanks to digital printing technology, we can easily replicate the look of natural stone textures. A prime example is this 1x1m square limestone effect tile, boasting an authentic aged appearance and lightly textured surface finish. The blue-grey tones are subtle and unobtrusive, making them a tasteful choice for living rooms, hotel lobbies, hallways, and more.


Azul Blue Marble Effect Tile


Azul blue marble effect large porcelain tiles


Marble is another popular natural stone look for porcelain tiles. Our behemoth-sized azul blue tile (2400x1200mm) offers a gorgeous mixture of deep blue with white and pink highlights, reminiscent of a rockpool. Digital printing wizardry allows us to create a high degree of pattern variation from tile to tile – just like the random patterns of real marble.


Lavender Blue Marble Effect Tile


Lavender blue antibacterial large porcelain floor tiles


Dark blue veins grace this beautiful lavender blue tile (1400x800mm), part of the innovative Bac-Tech collection. Like all our antibacterial tiles, it boasts a special nanoparticles within the tile that kills germs and bacteria. Although far from the bluest tile in our collection, the subtle lavender veins are a delight to look at and indistinguishable from real marble.


Aquamarine Plain Tile


Aquamarine polished blue porcelain tile


We could debate whether this aquamarine tile is light blue or light green. (Answer: a bit of both.) The smooth, polished finish is reminiscent of glass sheets, making for a stunning kitchen splashback or bathroom floor-and-wall combo. At 1200x600mm, the Aquamarine tile offers fast coverage and easy installation. It’s also the thinnest tile in our blue collection, at only 4.6mm.

Porcel-Thin’s ultra-thin porcelain tiles are available to order via our website. If you have any questions about our tiles, blue or otherwise, feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly help you with planning your next tiling project and ensure that you select the best possible tile for the space.