Introducing Bac-Tech

Featuring Zinc Oxide nanotechnology, our antibacterial porcelain tiles provide more than just surface protection. Available in a range of stunning stone effects, Bac-Tech provides designers with beautiful, innovative, and safe surface finishes for all areas.

Why Bac-Tech is different

Bac-Tech does more than simply kill bacteria, it prevents the growth of bacteria to begin with. Unlike many antibacterial tiles, Bac-Tech is not simply covered with an antimicrobial coating. Zinc oxide nano particles are added to our high-quality clays, infusing the entire tile with antibacterial properties. This means that the structure, edges and surface of our porcelain tiles provide protection against harmful bacteria such as MRSA, MSSA and Salmonella, not just the tile surface.  Furthermore, the large standard 140cm x 80cm tile size means less grout joints to trap dirt.

Antibacterial Bac-Tech porcelain tiles used for a private hospital ward

How Zinc Oxide nano technology works

The antibacterial properties of zinc oxide are well documented.  Nontoxic to humans, records show that the Pharaohs recognised the lifesaving properties of ZnO and its use in ointments and treatments can be traced as far back as 2000 BC.

Adding zinc oxide nanoparticles to the high-quality clays used to make Porcel-Thin tiles infuses the entire tile with antibacterial protection, preventing growth and killing bacteria on contact.  This means that the antibacterial protection provided by Bac-Tech tiles cannot be worn away, as can happen with coated tiles, and the integrity of Bac-Tech tiles is not compromised when it is cut or drilled.

Bac-Tech antibacterial tile applications

Bac-Tech antibacterial tiles are suitable for interiors and exteriors as decorative, durable, and hygienic surface finish for commercial and domestic applications including, but not limited to.

Hotels and spas
Cruise Ships
Medical and clinical
Restaurants & Bars
Education & Childcare
Public Spaces
Private Houses
Sports and leisure

Would you like to know more about Bac-Tec?

Porcel-Thin Bac-Tech antibacterial tiles have been rigorously tested by the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL); a copy of the test report can be downloaded here.

For help with project specification, tiles samples or technical advice please contact our contracts team using the form or details below.

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About Porcel-Thin®

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