PEI Tile Scratch Resistance Testing

PEI Tile Scratch Resistance Testing

All Porcel-Thin tiles are thoroughly tested for scratch resistance and durability. This means that specifiers, architects, interior designers and construction professionals can be sure that our porcelain tiles meet the specification required for their project.

Durable porcelain tiles that are fit for purpose

Our Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) testing service provides exact data for the durability of any ceramic or porcelain tiles. We analyse every Porcel-Thin tile to assess it’s surface durability and resistance to wear, applying an accurate score to each. Using PEI data, you can easily select a tile with the scratch resistance and durability to suit the requirements of the space.

Every Porcel-Thin tile is tested and rated by our in-house technicians. For large contracts, we also offer batch PEI testing to ensure quality and consistency across all tile batches. We are one of only a handful of UK tile companies to offer this service, allowing contract and construction professionals to choose the perfect tile for the demands of their project. We also offer PEI scratch resistance testing for any ceramic or porcelain tile on request.

Luxury office interiors tiled with large format marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin
PEI tile scratch testing machine

How we test our porcelain tiles

Our in-house technicians are trained to measure PEI scratch resistance using state-of-the-art digital test apparatus. As such, we can quickly produce an accurate scratch resistance rating for any tile or production batch, whether the tiles are made from porcelain or another material. Abrasion test ratings of tile hardness are determined by the PEI scale. PEI are an organisation of industry volunteers which provides support to the Porcelain Enamel Industry of North America.

Can we help with your project?

To find out more about the durability of Porcel-Thin tiles and our in-house PEI scratch resistance testing, get in touch with our contracts team.

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PEI scratch resistance ratings explained 

Every Porcel-Thin tile is tested and rated for scratch resistance and durability using the PEI scale, allowing our customers to select the correct tiles for their project surface finishes

  • Group 0 – Unsuitable for use as a floor tile, generally best used as a wall tile.
  • Group 1 or PEI 1 – Suitable for areas of light traffic and where outdoor footwear is not frequently used, such as a domestic bathroom.
  • Group 2 or PEI II– Suitable for areas where soft-soled outdoor footwear is worn, such as a domestic bathroom or bedroom. Not suitable for kitchens, stairs and entrance halls.
  • Group 3 or PEI 3– Suitable for domestic spaces and areas of light commercial use, such as offices and small retail outlets. Not suitable for commercial entryways or kitchens.
  • Group 4 or PEI 4– Suitable for areas that experience regular traffic and areas of medium commercial use, such as commercial kitchens, hotels and hospital corridors.
  • Group 5 or PEI 5– Suitable for areas where health and safety is key, with heavy traffic over long periods and where higher levels of abrasive dirt and moisture are more likely. This includes shopping centres, public buildings, and swimming pools.