PTV Slip Resistance Testing

PTV Tile Slip Resistance Testing

All Porcel-Thin tiles are rigorously tested for slip resistance. We use the very latest PTV slip resistance testing apparatus to ensure that each Porcel-Thin tile is safe for use in all domestic and commercial spaces.

Fully tested for slip resistance

Every Porcel-Thin tile is tested to accurately record slip resistance values in wet and dry conditions. Using Pendulum slip resistance testing – Health & Safety Executive (HSE) preferred method and more accurate than Ramp Testing – we can ensure that tiles meet project, design and regulatory requirements.

Porcel-Thin porcelain tiles are available in a wide variety of surface finishes, allowing design continuity over walls and floors while meeting slip resistance requirements for critical surfaces.  From polished marble to honed limestone effects, we can provide safe and stylish tiles for the interior and exterior of your project.

Porcel-Thin large format and thin porcelain tiles

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PTV slip resistance testing machine for floor tiles

Take advantage of our tile slip resistance testing service

Architects, interior designers, specifiers and construction professionals can now take full advantage of Porcel-Thin’s PTV testing service. We offer tests for any type of ceramic, porcelain, mosaic or natural stone floor tile, all conducted in-house by our fully trained technicians. Computer-generated reports that provide a highly accurate PTV value, so you can be sure your chosen tiles meet BS7976-2 and BS13036-4 standards.