Create Stunning Feature Walls With Our New Himalaya String Match Tiles

Large luxury lounge with Porcel-Thin Himalaya mountain scene porcelain tiled feature wall

This summer we introduced String Match tiles, a brand new addition to our range of ultra-thin porcelain tiles. Spread across three huge 2400x1200mm tiles, these marble-inspired beauties form a unique continuous pattern across a total area of 3.6×2.4 metres. Perfect for feature walls and are guaranteed to turn heads in any luxury space.

This month we’re delighted to unveil our third new string match tile: Himalaya. This dramatic tile boasts one of the most unique, eye-catching tile patterns we’ve ever stocked at Porcel-Thin. To see why, just look at the pictures…

Mountain vistas

Large luxury lounge with Porcel-Thin Himalaya mountain scene porcelain tiled feature wall


As its name suggests, the Himalaya tile captures the snowy landscapes of Asia. Across its three tiles, subtle patterns combine to form a beautiful monotone print in black and grey with hints of grey-green – all expertly crafted by our digital printing specialists.

While not strictly a marble effect (see its string match and book match cousins), Himalaya’s patterns boast a similar look to classic marble veining. And like all our marble-effect tiles, the tile surface features a smooth, polished finish that adds to the luxury feel.

Porcel-Thin Himalaya porcelain tile single tile detail image

The sheer size of the string match area – and the artistic effect created by these patterns –  makes Himalaya an obvious choice for a feature wall. Homeowners and designers will have a field day with a memorable shower enclosure, a statement living room wall, or even an eye-catching hallway entrance.

Like all our ultra-thin porcelain tiles, Himalaya is robust, durable, and ultra-strong. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, whether in a home setting or for a commercial project. It’s also equally at home as a wall or floor tile – the only limits are your design tastes.

String match tile feature walls

Marble effect Himalaya mountain scene printed on large format and thin polished porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin


Why are extra-large string match tiles so beloved by interior designers? For a start, only three tiles are required to cover a vast area – whether in the form of a feature wall or covering the breadth of a small room. This makes installation a breeze, with faster coverage and fewer grout lines than regular-sized tiles.

What’s more, at only 6mm thick, our string match, book match, and Leviathan tiles are remarkably lightweight. Two installers can comfortably lift and manoeuvre each 2400x1200mm tile, in stark contrast to smaller tiles made from actual marble.


If you’d like to order any of our string match tiles for a new project, we don’t blame you! These exclusive tiles are special order but can be delivered in only 8-10 weeks. We’re sure your tiles will prove worth the wait.

Another caveat: the Himalaya tile is sold only in packs of three, due to the nature of the patterns. As a result, they cannot be split or sold individually.


To learn more about our extra-large porcelain tiles, feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members. We’re always on hand via phone or email to answer any questions about our luxury tiles. We’re also happy to suggest a local stockist or share some expert design tips. Visit us in person at our socially distanced showroom in South London for a real close-up look at Himalaya and our other stunning ultra-thin tiles.