Feel Cosy & Warm With Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

Wood effect wall tiles and porcelain doves

There’s no getting away from it. Stone effect tiles – for all their undeniable beauty – can sometimes be lacking in warmth. Indeed, it’s hard for designers to create a cosy feel in the home using a genre of tiles so overflowing with slate greys, pale marble and limestone effects.  This is not the case with wood effect porcelain tiles…

Wood effect wall tiles and porcelain doves

When it comes to achieving a warm and cosy interior, wood effect tiles are much more effective. The burgeoning popularity of wood effect porcelain tiles is a testament to their warmth and cosiness, but also the quality of new production methods. Thanks to modern digital printing, designers can now replicate the look of real wood with stunning accuracy. Even better, porcelain tiles have none of the drawbacks of natural wood materials.

A woodland walk

Bringing the forest into the home will always hold a great appeal for designers. Natural wood effect tiles create a soothing, rustic vibe both indoors and outdoors, no matter the style of wood. Consider Porcel-Thin’s stunning Pattaya Wood Effect tile collection, based on the distinctive wood grain patterns found in the jungles of South East Asia. The Pattaya range runs the full wood spectrum, from ebony black to rice white. These ultra-thin tiles boast a smooth, even texture despite the subtle grain patterns created by digital printing.

Porcel-Thin pattaya wood collection tiles in living room

Going Scandi-Style

Scandinavian has been all the rage in the design world in recent years. Given that more than half of the region is covered by dense forest, it’s hardly a surprise that “Scandi-style” has become a byword for luxury wood interiors. Whether you’re aiming for a sauna vibe, or you simply love the look of pine and spruce, our Dark and Medium Wood Tiles offer the perfect texture. The extra large dimensions (1200x600mm) make these tiles perfect for faster coverage, as well as leaving fewer grout lines that interrupt the wood textures.

Natural wood look, without the drawbacks

Pattaya wood effect porcelain wall tiles by Porcel-Thin

Natural wood has always been a tricky material for designers to embrace. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the expense of natural wood flooring is far greater than that of porcelain wood effect tiles. Secondly, natural wood is a constant invitation for scratches and dents – good luck keeping your wood flooring intact in a house with children running amok. Thirdly, hardwood flooring has a tendency to discolour over time when exposed to sun, such as in areas close to a window. Lastly, porcelain tiles can be easier and quicker to install than real wood flooring.

Hotel pool area and exterior walls with Porcel-Thin wood effect large porcelain tiles

Our wood effect porcelain tiles, however, are nearly impossible to scratch. Fully tested to PEI standards, each tile has the durability and strength to withstand scratches and dents. This prevents damage over time from heavy footfall or a clumsy accident, such as dropping a plate. You can kit out a whole room with Porcel-Thin’s wood effect tiles in the knowledge that it will be safe for decades, without ever needing a facelift.

Are you looking to bring the wonder of wood to your next design project? If you like the look of our Pattaya Wood collection, speak to a member of our team today to see how we can help you. We’ll answer any questions about our ultra-thin porcelain tiles and offer tips as to how to best use them from a design point of view.