Get Industrial With Our Extra Large Concrete, Wood & Metal Tiles

Gray concrete effect large format procelain floor tiles for an industrial look

Think “industrial style” and several design clichés come to mind: bare bricks, exposed pipework, reclaimed furniture. But there’s no need to tear apart your home or commercial space to achieve a stripped-back look. With Porcel-Thin’s range of stunning ultra-thin porcelain tiles, designers can easily reproduce a modern, industrial-chic vibe inspired by the factories and warehouses of yesteryear.


Gray concrete effect large format procelain floor tiles for an industrial look

Most industrial design schemes rely heavily on two genres of tile: wooden tiles and concrete tiles. Fortunately, we offer both styles in dozens of options. We also specialise in producing lifelike natural stone effect tiles that, surprisingly, go rather well with industrial furnishings. Read on to learn how porcelain tiles can be used to pull off an authentic industrial look in any domestic or commercial building.

Concrete chic

Cold, stripped back, and grey, concrete floor and wall tiles are the ideal “backbone” for any industrial design scheme. Porcel-Thin’s Cemento tiles range (1200x600mm) offers a choice of five structured concrete effect tiles in several grey tones from graphite grey to cream. Equally striking is the Tosca tiles range (1200x600mm), which features five bold concrete effect textures from ebony to cream matt.


Industrial style bathroom featuring light grey concrete and whicte marble effect large format porcelain tiles

Our industrial style porcelain tiles feature the exact same tones and textures of real concrete (thanks to our cutting-edge 3D printing technology). But their main advantages over real concrete is the remarkably lightweight, durability and ultra-thin properties of each tile. Both the Cemento and Tosca ranges boast a wafer-like 4.8mm thickness; a feat made all the more remarkable by their extra-large dimensions. The sheer density of our porcelain tiles guarantees a robust and durable build.

Natural stone, naturally

Modern industrial style kitchen with large book matched porcelain marble feature wall

Several new interior design trends involve designers swapping out stark finishes for bold patterns. Plain white walls and wood cladding are out; patterned wallpaper and unusual marble patterns are in. Perhaps more surprising is the impact this is having on industrial design schemes, which are also seeing a trend towards bold patterns and colours. This is because designers are increasingly fond of softening industrial tones by using natural stone tiles with prominent veins and cool textures.

Whatever your industrial tastes, Porcel-Thin has a tile to match. Need warmth in an industrial-style black shower enclosure? Try our bookmatch marble effect tiles range. Prefer a natural stone backdrop for brass taps and furnishings? Opt for a pale Calacatta marble tile with beautiful grey veins. Marble not ticking your boxes? Try limestone effect tiles for a honed and worn look.

Wood and metal

Rich wood effect large format porcelain floor tiles

Rounding off our industrial range is Porcel-Thin’s wood and metallic tiles collection. The former boasts a series of stunning wood-effect textures in a mix of light, mid and dark tones reminiscent of warehouse timber. The latter is ideal for showcasing the cold sheen of metal, with a choice of bronze, steel, and red oxide effect tiles on offer. These tiles boast a shimmering metallic surface finish that wouldn’t look out of place on a brand-new factory floor.

Industrial look kitchen featuring red oxide effect porcelain wall and floor tiles

At Porcel-Thin, our tile experts offer decades of combined experience in producing ultra-thin porcelain tiles for industrial design schemes. We will gladly offer guidance and support for your next domestic or commercial design project, Just get in touch via phone or email and our friendly team will be please to help you.