Hello Palatial Porcelain Tiled Hallway

When approved Porcel-Thin tiler John Simons started tiling a bathroom in Southend, he didn’t know that a heavenly hallway project lay just around the corner. The number of Instagram likes John achieved when he shared photos of his palatial porcelain tiling project was just the tip of the iceberg, this hallway is the thing interior design dreams are made of…

Large entrance hall tiled with marble effect porcelain tiles

Essex tiler John Simons of V-TA Architectural Tiling was tiling the bathroom in a large house near Southend when the client mentioned a desire to replace their original 1920s parquet flooring with stylish statement-making porcelain tiles.

Always up for a creative tiling challenge, one glance at a Pinterest picture adored by the client and John knew how he would achieve the look and just what tiles he would use. The coveted Pinterest hallway was marble with a beautifully patterned layout and the Southend property’s hallway floor size was 30m2, this was a job for Porcel-Thin tiles. Pure white stone effect tiles with subtle black veining bordered with deep dulcet tones of highly polished perfection for porcelain pizazz:

  • Light square tiles – Mona Lisa Volakas (in 90x90cm size) marble effect tiles cut into 450x450mm squares
  • Dark toned edging tiles – 3D Shadow Emperador Onyx 180x90cm marble effect tiles cut into strips

Tiling preparation stages

Over the course of one week, approved Porcel-Thin tiling contractor John prepared the floor. This involved everything from removing the original floor and cleaning to priming and levelling.

Removing the original parquet flooring to prepare for tiling

  1. The original floor, an oak parquet laid on a bitumen base that was also the Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), was removed
  2. The floor was cleaned thoroughly and then primed
  3. A self-levelling compound was applied to provide a clean and level substrate for the new DPM, which was painted onto the floor
  4. The floor was over boarded with 20mm Jackoboard ready for the electric underfloor heating that was installed next
  5. The final stage of preparation was to apply a final coat of levelling compound over the underfloor heating. The tiles would be laid on this finished floor

Laying under floor heating and finished screed before laying Porcel-Thin porcelain floor tiles

Setting out for success

Although John made a rough sketch of the design he wanted to create, he did the setting out freehand after cutting up different sized square templates to represent part of the main grid and laid them out until he ended up with a design and scale to fit the room.

John started with 700mm squares but soon found that the design was too big for the space. Eventually, after reducing the squares down to 450mm, he played with the layout until the scale fitted the room and left a half tile width around the edges. From each 900 x 900mm Porcel-Thin tile, John created four 450mm squares with no wastage. The new square size also dictated the size of the brown marble effect boarder tiles, which provide a stunning effect.

A pleasure to tile with Porcel-Thin

Laying large format thin porcelain tiles in a grid pattern in the entrance hall of a large house in Essex

It took eight days for John to tile the hallway and he worked from the centre of the room outwards, towards the edges. When it came to the curved detail around the base of the stairs, John created a template for the curve and then, due to the large size of the tiles, was able to cut both the white and brown curved boarder tiles in once piece.

Porcelain floor tile expertly cut around the curved stair nose by approved Porcel-Thin tiler VT-A Tiling

This not only goes to show what excellent value our large-format porcelain tiles are and how easy they are to cut and shape when handled correctly by an approved Porcel-Thin tiler but also the high level of skill and craftsmanship professional tilers like John possess. John thoroughly enjoyed working on the project and commented:

“After working on a fast-paced site projects for many years, I to focus on domestic projects. My motivation for this was so I could undertake more creative projects like this. I was delighted when the client approached me with the challenge while I was tiling their bathroom and I really enjoyed working on the hallway and seeing it all come together. I’m extremely happy with the results and, as always, it was a pleasure to work with Porcel-Thin tiles”