A Capital One survey found that office interior design is an influential factor for staff innovation and that workplace design is more important than office location. This speaks volumes to developers who are battling with planning permission and building regulations for new office sites. Perhaps a few choice furnishings like an ergonomic desk, natural lighting and attractive porcelain tiles could make all the difference to staff performance.

A light and modern office interior with tiled floors

The finance company surveyed 3,500 full-time US professionals on workplace design and it was found that flexibility and office design are key when it comes to the following workplace necessities: innovation, collaboration and productivity.

Results showed that 87% of respondents at an executive level believe office design is part and parcel with innovation and 83% said they have their best ideas in a flexible workspace. What’s more, 76% of executive level employees stated workplace design is as, or more, important than location. It’s not too much of a leap to assume that this is the case for office workers in the UK too and that there’s a trick our office interior designers shouldn’t miss.

Stefanie Spurlin, Vice President, Workplace Solutions at Capital One, comments: “By providing dynamic spaces to accommodate all kinds of work styles, companies can help facilitate the kind of collaboration and innovation that empowers employees to create breakthrough products and solutions for their customers.”

Office interior design’s most wanted:

  • Natural light (57%)
  • Easy to reconfigure furniture and spaces (37%)
  • Artwork and creative imagery (30%)
  • Bold colours (25%)
  • Space for relaxation (25%)

How can Porcel-Thin help?

Large modern office canteen with large gloss white porcelain floor tiles by Porcel-Thin

When it comes to natural light, your choice of porcelain tiles can have a huge impact. Selecting tiles in white, neutral shades or with a shimmering metallic finish can help to reflect the light brought in by windows and make the workplace seem bigger as well as brighter and more airy.

This modern office features marble effect porcelain paving for the staff canteen terrace

Porcel-Thin also has artwork, creative imagery and bold colours covered. Our large-format porcelain tiles such as Leviathan with their bold pattering make for stunning feature walls. Shallow Carving Tiles, engraved art mural tiles brought to life through the latest digital printing and engraving techniques, have much to offer a creative space that stimulates employees’ imaginations. While our Art Tiles, comprising contemporary Eastern art and natural beauty of myriad bright colours, tick all three boxes for a desirable workplace design.

Porcel-Thin Cemento graphite grey concrete effect floor tiles used for a modern office interior

Porcelain tiles are ideal to create a relaxing space too with marble-effect tiles and wood-effect tiles giving off an opulent heavenly haven vibe while Cemento Structured Concrete Tiles and Jerusalem Aged Limestone Tiles offer a chilled urban-chic contemporary cool. Not only do the look of Porcel-Thin tiles provide a soothing setting, they’re so easy to keep clean and maintain that they offer a whole new level of hassle-free.

Check out our porcelain tile collections and our Pinterest page to inspire your next office interior design.