How to Clean Bathroom Tiles in 4 Easy Steps

Onyx marble effect large porcelain wall tiles

Every homeowner takes pride in a squeaky-clean bathroom. But how many people enjoy the laborious process of cleaning bathroom tiles? Certainly not us. The good news is that, with porcelain bathroom tiles, hard graft has become a thing of the past. Read on to discover how to clean bathroom tiles.

Porcelain bathroom floor tiles

Indeed, one of the biggest plus points of porcelain bathroom tiles is their low upkeep. Unlike marble or natural stone tiles – which need specialist cleaning fluids to maintain properly – porcelain tiles can be kept in mint condition with just a bog-standard supermarket spray.

While involving far less effort than other surfaces, porcelain tiles, like all ceramic tiles, must still be cleaned properly to ensure a squeaky-clean finish. By following our 4-step guide, you’ll be guaranteed the best results with the minimum of fuss – and with the simplest of tools.

Step 1: Preparing your bathroom for cleaning

You don’t need a military-style plan for cleaning a bathroom. Still, it helps to be prepared. Start with the basics by making sure you have the necessary tools at hand. We suggest the following kit list:

  • cloth
  • multi-surface or bathroom cleaning spray
  • toothbrush
  • Mop and broom or vacuum cleaner

Before cleaning anything, make sure to sweep and/or vacuum the bathroom floor and tiled flat surfaces. We also suggest pre-heating your bathroom to make it a little easier to wipe off dirt. You can do this by running a hot bath about two-inches deep and filling the sink with hot water. This will cause steam to rise and the air to warm up, making the alkaline cleaning spray (such as CiF, Mr Muscle etc.) more effective.

Step 2: Spraying the walls

Onyx marble effect large porcelain wall tiles

Always clean your bathroom walls first – not the floor. A wet, slippery floor can be hazardous if you’re moving around trying to clean walls. Also, any run-off from cleaning the wall tiles will inevitably reach the perimeter of the floor, meaning you’ll have to clean this area all over again.

Taking one wall at a time, spray the wall tiles with multi-surface cleaner. Don’t go overboard with the amount; one or two sprays per square metre should do the trick. Then scrub from the top down with a cloth. A top-to-bottom approach will save you time and effort, as you won’t end up with dirt and cleaner fluid running down onto already-cleaned spaces.

Step 3: Cleaning the awkward bits


Cleaning porcelain bathroom floor tiles

95% of a tiled bathroom wall is easy to wipe clean. But some parts – namely corners, pigeon holes and grout lines – are much trickier. This is where a toothbrush comes in handy. Gently work the brush in small circular motions (rather like brushing your back teeth!) Don’t be shy of using a vacuum cleaner in nooks and crannies – great for removing dust or debris.

While it’s tempting to use kitchen-style brushes and scourers to clean bathroom tiles, we advise against it. Tough bristles or pads, while unlikely to damage a Porcel-Thin tile, can leave ugly scratches on other bathroom fittings and finishes, which may be impossible to remove.

Step 4: Wiping the floor tiles

As you wait for the walls to dry, why not crack on with the bathroom floor? First, apply a mix of multi-surface cleaner and warm water to the entire floor area. Starting in the far corners, working your way towards the door. Then leave to stand for 10 minutes before scrubbing the area with a cloth. If you have mobility problems, or you just don’t enjoy scrubbing on all fours, use an extendable mop. Finally, apply clean, warm water to wipe away the residue and use a dry cloth or towel to dry the floor and remove water marks.

We hope you’ve found this guide to cleaning bathroom tiles helpful. For more information on ultra-thin porcelain bathroom tiles, please contact our team or visit our south London showroom.