How to Create a Beautiful Garden Patio Using Porcelain Tiles

Sunny garden patio tiled with Bianco Alba aged limestone effect porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

With outdoor living all the rage, more and more homeowners are taking a closer look at their garden patios. Which begs the question: Are your current paving slabs up to scratch? Or is your patio a pain to maintain and lacking in style and character?


Sunny garden patio tiled with Bianco Alba aged limestone effect porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

If the latter rings true, time to re-invent your garden patio with beautiful porcelain. We’ve long been banging the drum about the benefits of ultra-thin porcelain over natural stone, wood, and concrete in outdoor spaces. Porcelain’s strength, durability, and low-maintenance – as well as the sheer variety and beauty of patterns achieved by digital printing – make our tiles ideally suited to garden patios of all styles.

Here’s a round-up of the best porcelain tile styles to create a beautiful garden patio:


Option #1: Natural stone

Courtyard patio featuring Bianco Alba aged limestone effect porcelain paving tiles

Natural stone is probably the most popular material for garden patio slabs. Landscape designers often use limestone, sandstone, and slate patterns to achieve an earthy, time-worn look. The natural shades and veins of these tiles lend themselves equally well to traditional and modern design schemes.

At Porcel-Thin, we offer a generous range of ultra-thin natural stone effect tiles for patios. Our aged limestone effect tiles includes a stunning mix of dark and light greys, and even an eye-catching cream limestone effect tile. The textures speak for themselves: each has a soft, time-worn beauty that perfectly replicates the look of real limestone. And at 1x1m square, the extra-large dimensions are perfect for laying out in a classic patio style.

Another popular choice for patios is our Volcanic Ash tiles collection (1200x600mm). Available in matt, polished, and textured finishes, the patterns are inspired by layers of lava found in volcanic stone. We especially love the caramel toned Galeras tile and the brooding Devil’s Garden tile.

Slate effect tiles, meanwhile, are an overlooked gem. We offer two bold textured slate effect tiles, Charcoal Black and Charcoal Grey, both in 1200x600mm.


Option #2: Wood

This stunning garden patio was created using light and dark wood effect porcelain paving tiles for the patio and walls

Wood effect patio tiles are great for mimicking the look of timber decking, without the drawback of regular maintenance. Unlike timber, our wood effect porcelain tiles are immune to moss and mould growth, and once installed, will never have to be re-sealed or re-painted. Another bonus to porcelain is the grip: porcelain patio tiles provide more grip than real wood, especially when damp.

Our wood effect porcelain tiles range (1200x600mm) runs the colour gamut from light birch wood to ebony wood. Each one boasts lifelike timber tones inspired by Pattaya wood, based on the wood patterns found in the jungles of south-east Asia.


Option #3: Decorative concrete

Stylish pool area tile with Grigio decorative concrete porcelain patio tiles

These days, plenty of designers are looking to harness the on-trend “industrial” look for outdoor spaces. Fortunately, decorative concrete lends itself well to garden patios, as demonstrated at the most recent Chelsea Flower Show. Landscaper Katy Gould’s “concrete garden” showed that, far from being drab, concrete can be paired with vibrant green plants and colourful flowers for a chic contrast.

Porcel-Thin’s concrete effect tiles range (1200x600mm) boasts a dozen unique concrete patterns and textures. These include ultra-thin tiles inspired by structured concrete, such as the light grey Grigio and the neutral Piedra. For tiles a little more character, check out the gorgeous shades and textures of Persian Grey, Dark Mocha, and Persian Grey Dark.

Bringing the outside in

Porcelain tiled patio and kitchen floor featuring Paris Cream 120x60cm thin porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin

A key benefit of our ultra-thin porcelain tiles is that, unlike paving slabs and decking, they are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. This creates a wealth of design possibilities – never has it been easier to create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. A great example is this luxury development in South London, where the developer cleverly used our Paris light grey porcelain tiles for a unified kitchen floor and patio.

At Porcel-Thin, we specialise in supplying beautiful and robust ultra-thin tiles for countless outdoor projects and patios. To learn more about our slip-resistant porcelain tiles, or to ask a question about our tile services, please contact us. You can also visit us at our socially distanced showroom in south London, where you can explore tile samples for every tile mentioned in this article, and more.